Do you know your V.S.I.Q. score?

Voice search is one of the most talked about (pun intended) trends in search marketing, but with so much chatter it can be easy to dismiss it as a fad or buzz word that’s just going to fade away.

It won’t. Voice search is here to stay and if it’s not part of your marketing thinking right now we’re confident it will be soon. But are you ready for voice search? Is your brand ready for voice search? And do you know the size of the opportunity voice search presents?

To help you out we’ve collated some of the latest stats and research on voice search and created this quick, 8-question quiz so you can test your knowledge and see what your Voice Search IQ (V.S.I.Q) score is.

We’ll also let you know how you compare against all the other marketers out there who’ve taken the quiz, so you can see if you’re leading the way or behind the curve. Happy quizzing.

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