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Social Media Marketing helps drive value from your websites and apps that allow individuals, communities, and businesses to share content with each other and engage in social networking.

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    Social Media Marketing Services

    With nearly four billion social media users worldwide, incorporating social media into your digital marketing campaigns is an absolute must.

    With such huge audience volume across these platforms, the purposes that social media marketing can serve your business takes many forms. From building brand awareness to gaining conversions through social commerce, there is a place for you to find success across social media.

    Our team of social media experts combine the power of data and a creative eye to form a strategy across the channels that best suit your business. Whatever your goals and whoever your target audience is, they can be reached via social media marketing, and we can help you.

    Why invest in Social?

    The world of social media is constantly expanding. Often, you’ll immediately think of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but different audiences reside across different platforms – from the professional networks of LinkedIn to the new generation on TikTok. But with so many people and platforms, how do you cut through the noise? By investing in a clear strategy and utilising the most relevant channels to your company, you’ll be able to engage with your perfect target audience and keep them coming back.

     Our approach

    At Red Hot Penny, we develop a bespoke approach to every social media marketing client we work with, from providing a full social media service to training and consultancy, or something in between. We use data to determine who your customers are, how you can reach them online, and what content will be most effective throughout the customer journey.

    Whether you are looking for a full end-to-end strategy or support in your highest priority areas, we will help you overcome your unique challenges and achieve your goals.

    Our values as an agency are reflected in how we approach our work with each client. We are positive and proactive, always thinking about new and innovative ways to make you stand out from your competitors. We build authentic relationships through open and honest communication and account management. We always ask ‘why’, challenging current practices to drive better decision-making. We also aim to create one team, working closely with your internal team to deliver the best possible outcomes.

    How can Red Hot Penny help?

    Our Social Media Marketing team brings years of industry experience from across the scope of digital marketing. We pride ourselves on a data-driven approach, which is backed up by creative thinking and bespoke research into topics and trends that resonate with our client’s audiences.

    While ‘social media can cover many different areas, we focus on the areas where we can add the most value to your business:

    • Audit – a full review of all current social media channels and activities. We focus on your performance, your audience, and what your competitors are doing, to build a comprehensive picture of where you can progress.
    • Strategy – following the initial audit process, we work collaboratively with you to create a strategy that suits your business objectives. We’ll identify the most effective platforms, what cross-section of your audience is being targeted on each, and what our creative approach will be.
    • Brand Awareness – through devising a broad strategy that incorporates creative organic and paid social content, we will reach and engage the people who matter most to you. We incorporate insights and reporting to illustrate the performance and guide future content, so as a team we are always looking forward.
    • Drive Conversions – by identifying the channels that will generate the right results for you, we open up avenues for customer acquisition and traffic which converts. Our extensive research into prospecting and remarketing audiences, plus thorough copy testing and tailored assets in multiple formats, means we leave no stone unturned when finding what works best for your target customers.

    Within these broader pillars we have some further key services:

    • Facebook Marketing – with well over a billion people using the platform worldwide, Facebook offers a massive potential marketplace for your brand. Blending organic content with a targeted paid strategy is a vital part of your overall strategy. With engaging creative and powerful targeting options, we can drive results for your business.
    • Instagram Marketing – as a platform, Instagram has grown enormously in recent years and is now a huge potential avenue for social commerce. From creating engaging stories or using beautiful imagery to illustrate your unique appeal, Instagram is a powerful tool in getting users to discover your brand.
    • LinkedIn Marketing – as a professional network, LinkedIn offers a distinct audience and opportunity to engage with potential customers. By positioning yourself as a leader in your field with engaging content, you can form a profitable relationship with key players in your industry.
    • New Opportunities – we are constantly monitoring social media trends and developments, so we can advise clients of any other platforms they may wish to explore on channels such as TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit and beyond.


    Regardless of your business size or the sector you operate within, nailing your social media strategy provides the foundation for success. Whether you’re looking for strategic support, training and consultancy, or someone who can fully manage your campaigns, our Social Media Marketing team can help your business.

    If you want to find out more about Red Hot Penny and how we can develop your approach to social media, then contact us today.