Insights gives you access to the data and analytical skills that will empower your team to showcase their work to the wider business, and constantly learn and improve to make better-informed decisions. So, you can confidently plan your marketing strategies, get to know your target audience better, and tailor your product offering.

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    Insight and analytics is an essential element of any effective digital marketing strategy. Insights provide you access to the data and analytical skills that will empower your team to showcase their work to the wider business, constantly learning and improving to make better-informed decisions. This means you can confidently plan marketing strategies, get to know your audience better, and tailor your product offering.

    Our Insights team at Red Hot Penny combines a unique blend of E-commerce and technical experience which means you get the data that matters most to improve online performance. With a clearer and more accurate picture of how users are interacting with your website or app, you can enhance their experience, driving conversions and loyalty.


    As a business, it is paramount that you trust your data. Having a complete and accurate picture of your data and analytics means you can empower your entire digital team to understand the impact, from developers monitoring performance to marketing teams measuring the impact of campaigns. By working with a partner that can make your data and analytics accessible, you’re able to have more productive communications with teams, make better decisions, and accelerate growth.


    Many clients we work with come to us because they’ve not received the return on Insights they would have hoped for from other partners. Our team are specifically experienced in the implementation of real-world scenarios – we are not just a ‘theory’ agency, we have real-time experience and our clients continue to benefit from it.

    The robustness of our audits and implementation mean that clients will have access to consistent data that can be relied upon to make informed decisions for their online strategies. Following this stage, our team understands the value that accurate data, maintenance, and reporting can provide each area of your digital business.

    At Red Hot Penny, we adhere to a certain set of values across each client we work with to make the most of our relationship. We are always positive and proactive in our approach to get you ahead of the competition. We build authentic relationships through our communication, always asking ‘why’ so that we challenge your current practices to improve strategy and delivery. And we aim to create one team, working closely with internal teams to achieve amazing results.


    As one of the worlds leading insights agencies, our team have specific experience in developing and implementing custom data strategies within the real world. By providing both reliable and valid data our clients can be assured that they have the exact information they need, allowing them to make informed decisions, ultimatley leading to revenue and profit growth. Our team have experience across all major platforms including Salesforce commerce cloud, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce.

    • Google Analytics Audit & Implementation – our initial discovery phase with a comprehensive audit will discover where the gaps are in your analytics, so we can reconfigure in line with best practices. This delivers reliable data, accurate reporting and forecasting, and clarity for decision-makers.
    • Tag Manager Audit & Implementation – similarly to Analytics, we’ll assess your current Tag Manager scenario and establish areas for improvement. This means you can track and evaluate your performance and accurately set goals for growth.
    • Maintenance & Support – we understand that however effective the implementation, issues can arise, so we’ll always be on hand to maintain standards and offer ongoing support if needed.
    • Bespoke Reporting – we tailor our service to each client’s requirements and our reporting is unique to the distinct needs of each company. A deep level of analysis maximises the insights available and informs strategy across all areas.
    • Analytics for Website Migration – migrations can be one of the biggest challenges for developing online businesses. We use analytics to add value to the process and drive the best results from the process for business leaders and customers alike.

    More detail about the specifics of our Insights offering and our approach is below:


    Why Red Hot Penny?

    Whether you’re a small start-up or an established online business, data and analytics can empower your team to plan your marketing strategies more effectively, understand your audience better, and tailor your product offering.

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