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If you’re investing time and resources into creating high-quality, engaging content for your brand, wouldn’t you want it to be seen by the people who matter most to you?

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    You can create the most brilliant ‘Hero’ content in the world, but if no one sees it, it’s not going to do anything for your brand or your business.

    The solution – Digital PR! The landscape of Digital PR has changed dramatically over the past five years, with a shift away from low-quality, high-volume outreach tactics to a crucial strategy for brand building and audience engagement.

    Our Digital PR team at Red Hot Penny brings a unique approach based on years of industry experience. We let research and data lead the way to help us create campaigns that are targeted, measurable and valuable for your target audience. Whatever your business’s goals and whoever you want to reach, we can help you.

    Why invest in Digital PR?

    With more and more media publications investing in their online platforms due to growing digital content consumption, your own digital marketing strategy should reflect this change. You need to look beyond traditional PR methods to reach an audience that increasingly finds and engages with content differently. Inevitably your competitors will be looking to establish their presence online as well, so how do you stand out? It is our combination of research, insights, strategy and creativity ensure that will help us set you apart from the crowd.

    Our approach

    Our Digital PR team at Red Hot Penny understands the value of public relations with a purpose. We produce campaigns that have a clear approach, backed by a strategy that aligns with your company’s short and long-term goals. By utilising intensive, data-led research, teamed with a creative ethos we generate well-rounded campaigns that add value to your brand and your target audience.

    We take an ethical approach to our Digital PR. We think the days of clickbait and headline chasing are gone – your users will engage with your brand if you provide them with open, honest and insightful content which offers them something of genuine benefit. This mindset firmly underpins our process of content marketing and digital PR.

    Our agency values are also reflected in how we approach our work with all of our clients. We always ask ‘why’, which means we have clear messaging behind all our PR campaigns. We are positive and proactive, striving to innovate and make our clients cut through the noise of their competitors. We build authentic relationships through our communication with your business, and through this we aim to create one team, working closely with your internal team to deliver great results.

    How can Red Hot Penny help?

    With years of experience across the full spectrum of content marketing and public relations, our Digital PR team at Red Hot Penny can be a key partner for your business. We’ll approach each campaign with respect for your brand as well as your current and target audiences, working to the following key pillars:

    • Research & Insights – the foundation for successful digital campaigns. We build an evidence-based platform for our work through phases of brand consideration, content auditing and insights, and macro factors such as market trends and stakeholder priorities.
    • Strategy – by immersing ourselves in your brand, building audience personas, reviewing competitors and identifying your golden media targets, we can cover all bases with our strategy. Initial research and insights will inform the ideation to develop an overarching digital PR strategy, allowing us to create award-winning creative campaigns.
    • Create – this is where things get really exciting! We build the assets that engage the media and your target audiences alike through high-quality copywriting and creative design. Any onsite content will be SEO-optimised to maximise digital performance, helping to attract brand mentions and authoritative links to your website.
    • Implementation – this is the key stage in getting your content in front of the people that count. Our Digital PR campaigns will incorporate tactical media and brand monitoring, and regular, reactive content, all of which will help position you as a thought-leader in your sector, attracting visits from the audiences that matter the most.


    No matter what the size or nature of your business, making the most of the content you create by utilising Digital PR is a key to overall brand development. If you are looking for measurable success through valuable, ethical public relations, our Digital PR team is here to help.

    If you want to find out more about what Red Hot Penny has to offer, then contact us today.

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