A channel for customer service. A channel for connecting with friends. A channel for news. A channel for entertainment. And for when you’re actually watching entertainment on another device.

The way we’re using and interacting with social media platforms has changed, and the way their creators are prioritising content is changing too. With the average person predicted to spend over five years of their lives on social media (Mediakix), social is a sure-fire direct route to your ideal consumers.

Whether it’s for driving brand awareness and getting your message out there, or engaging with your customers to help move them towards becoming brand advocates creating a whole lot of user-generated content, your brand needs a social media strategy. We use social to increase your brand’s online presence, to create dialogue and sharing amongst your target audience, and ultimately – drive leads to your website. Take a look at some of the social results we’ve achieved for clients like Uncle, Red7, Crabtree & Evelyn and more in the case studies.

Social media management

We create and schedule social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Crafted in your tone of voice, sharing the right mix of product promotions and industry news to make sure your ideal consumers are always seeing new and interesting content. Well-placed calls-to-action help to drive quality links to your site. Where needed, we carry out social communications, replying to user comments and sourcing and liking relevant user-generated content to encourage brand-consumer engagement.

Sponsored social campaigns

Sponsored campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn generate brand awareness amongst new audiences, and get your updates seen in existing followers’ feeds. We create highly-targeted campaigns to boost audience-relevancy, and optimise these targeted campaigns to make sure the settings are just right. We work alongside our paid search team to ensure ads target relevant keywords and are boosted at the correct time and more for optimal conversion. We deliver social media reports for a breakdown of impressions, engagement, traffic and conversions generated from social media activity.

Social media audit

We carry out a complete social media audit of both your accounts and those of your key competitors to determine what works well for your brand and industry. This provides the basis for developing the best social media strategy for your business, ensuring you’re making the most of brand awareness and engagement-boosting trends.

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