Organic Search

What is organic search (SEO)?

Organic search (SEO) is the art of making sure your website is well-structured and optimised so search engines understand who you are and what you do. It then drives relevant traffic from the search engine result pages (SERPs) to your brand and business.

Organic or natural search optimisation works as part of your wider search marketing strategy (along with content and paid media) to increase your brand visibility online, reach the right audience and ultimately drive conversions.

But with changes in user behaviour such as the switch to mobile and the increase in ad space on the SERPs, the organic channel is more challenging to manage than it’s ever been.

That’s why we use our integrated approach and consider all ranking opportunities to help you dominate the search landscape.

On Page

On page SEO is any element of your site that can be optimised by SEO experts or a developer. Whether it’s content like product descriptions, blogs etc. or technical changes such as page speed, page structure, HTML coding, internal links and more these all pay a role in your search rankings.

All these factors need to be optimised to help align your pages and site with best practice. It’ll also give your users a better online experience which will maintain relevance for your brand and build greater trust with customers.

Off Page

It’s long been thought that off page SEO is about creating backlinks to boost your rankings. But it’s become much more than that. Off page is about creating awareness, trust and relevancy for your brand by producing quality content that adds value to your users.

Because the more your brand and website’s subject matter is being positively talked about across various platforms, the more likely it is that search engines, and your customer, will trust you.

Why does your brand need organic search?

With over 3.5 billion searches being performed every day, you need to make sure your brand is in on the action and visible for the searches relevant to you. Because if you’re not appearing for your audience’s searches, then your competitors will be.

What’s more, organic search (SEO) isn’t just about increasing rankings on search engines. It’s about improving user experience. And because everything that happens on your website contributes towards your trust and authority with your users, optimising should be a part of everyone’s daily work life.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, ecommerce expert or marketer you should be incorporating SEO into your process to help your brand’s organic visibility.

Why Red Hot Penny?

We take a completely integrated and strategic approach to Organic Search. We understand the entire customer journey, and as a Google Premier Partner, we use data and insights from a variety of sources to shape a tailored strategy that will help you target the customer you want and deliver results you need.

Our unique ecommerce expertise also means that we’re able to identify opportunities to grow revenue and brand awareness for our clients that others may miss.

We’ve worked with brands of all shapes and sizes, some of them on a global scale, but always with a long-term view. In fact, we’ve worked with some of our clients for more than five years on their organic search strategy and activity.

We’re able to build these long-term partnerships because we can report on and prove the benefit our SEO expertise adds – just take a look at our case studies to see how.

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