What is Insights?

Insights gives you access to the data and analytical skills that will help you grow your brand and business.

Knowing you’ve got the right data and interpreting it correctly will mean you make better informed decisions, so you can confidently plan your marketing strategies, get to know your target audience better, and tailor your product offering.

Our approach to data uses a Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) model and is designed to benefit your end goal. 3DM challenges your gut instinct to give weight to your decisions and reduce misinformation.

Our Insights team partner with you to put data at the centre of all your business decisions.

Why does your brand need Insights?

Making decisions based on accurate data and information will help you maximise your marketing efforts and make your budget go further. But if the data you use isn’t sound, or you don’t know how to interpret it, it can lead to costly mistakes.

Trying to understand all of your data is time consuming and complicated, and you may not even know if it’s trustworthy to start with. We work with you to understand your overall business objectives and craft insights activities that will help you get the most from your data.

Why Red Hot Penny?

Here at Red Hot Penny, we’re very familiar with data, and have been for decades. We’re a Google Premier Partner and what’s more, every single member of our team is Google Analytics qualified.

We get into the nitty-gritty of your brand to understand the workings of your business and provide an insights solution that’s unique to your needs.

We work with you to establish what you need and help you ensure data integrity from the very beginning. And, we’re able to pull in knowledge from across our different channel experts to ensure the interpretation of the data is relevant to you and up-to-date with latest industry practices.

If you want to make better decisions to help grow your brand, contact us.

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