Digital PR

At Red Hot Penny, our digital PR team does more than secure coverage. We identify shared SEO and PR goals and work collaboratively to deliver over-and-above, measurable results.

In today’s digital world, where there is more sponsored content than time to read it, influencers hold far greater trust than traditional forms of advertising. Cut through the noise and tailor your message to your core customers through niche, influential voices.

We carry out an in-depth content gap analysis to identify valuable campaign goals for short-term product launch campaigns and events where you’re looking to see quick results, and long-term marketing campaigns where the goal is about boosting awareness and engagement. We then co-ordinate between teams to reach those goals. We leverage influencer relationships to co-create authentic content, reach targeted audiences and build links. And lastly, we amplify content even further by starting conversations on social media through sponsored posts to targeted audiences.

Our clients tell their story through quality publications and influencers, earning them expert status in their respective fields. In turn, they experience boosted engagement and brand advocates. Take a look at some of the digital press results we’ve achieved for clients like Megabus, Zoggs, Vector Smartwatch, Ultimo and more in the case studies.

Digital PR & Social Media campaigns

PR and social media work in synergy to communicate between a brand and their target audience. Share your story on social media, then promote it through blogs, influencers and publications, creating a conversation around the brand. Blending the online and offline space ensures we’re continually engaging with niche audiences and providing them with valuable content. Boosted social posts to targeted audiences grows your content reach and starts conversations.

Blogger & Influencer collaborations

Connect your product or service to trusted editors, bloggers and influencers. We source the right promoter for your brand from our press contacts, including the likes of Marie Claire, Grazia and Good Housekeeping online, and big blogger names of Nada Adelle, What Alex Wears and Christina Hauck.

Press & Blogger events

Firing out press releases in the hope that they’ll find their way into the hands of your desired recipient rarely achieves the desired results. We organise specialised one-to-one press and blogger meets to get your product or service physically in front of the right people so they can see the benefits for themselves.

Sponsorships and advertorials

We ensure sponsored posts and advertorials are written in the tone of your desired publication and read seamlessly within the content of the site – whilst still following sponsored post protocol. We tackle ad avoidance by combining influencer and social outreach to drive engagement and user-generated content.

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