Creative Content

People remember 80% of what they see and do compared with 20% of what they read. We create memorable visuals and get consumers engaging with creative content they’ll remember. And then share, with everyone.

Creating more engaging and visual content is one of the top priorities for B2C brands in 2017. In today’s digital world, content needs to be universal and shareable, with the ability to instantly wow people. It is the visual impact that first draws us in to an emotive, helpful or amusing piece of content – the copy comes second place.

An informative infographic on the right laptop to suit your wants and needs is well-placed in the awareness stage of the funnel, and an original product video looking at a specific model provides helpful SEO-boosting content during the consideration stage. A remarketed display banner uses the same messaging on a different site for a consistent brand experience, and takes the consumer to a tailored landing page to increase the chance of conversion. And an engaging short-term content campaign works great for your new product launch or event. Take a look at some of the creative content results we’ve achieved for clients like Uncle, Red7, Lowepro, Price Right Home and more in the case studies.


An infographic presents key information, data and knowledge in a scannable format that’s perfectly-placed on visual channels like Pinterest and forums such as Reddit, and it tells the press everything they need to know at a glance when it comes to outreaching. B2B brands display impressive stats with graphs and pictograms, while B2C brands benefit from more image and icon-based content. Sharing of new-found knowledge is encouraged with prominently-placed social icons, designed to spread the word of your brand’s thought-leadership status.

Video (Cinemagraphs, GIFs)

Make them laugh, make them cry, make them think. When the reaction is there, they’ll want to share. Traditional video, GIFs and the new, visually-impressive cinemagraphs are designed to increase brand awareness through sharing, with the ultimate goal of driving tailored traffic to your site.

Landing Pages

Make a great first impression with a high-spec landing page, designed and populated for conversion. This is the first time your prospect is seeing your website, and you’re going to need to make sure the messaging is consistent with any previous interaction they’ve had with your brand. The on-site user experience needs to both impress and be simple enough to move consumers through the funnel and one step closer to goal conversion.

Banner artwork

Attract users to your site with a well-placed banner ad. Let the image and design do the talking, as we keep words to a minimum. We create variations of banner ads to reflect the stage in the buyer journey for your personas.

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