What is content?

Today’s shoppers are constantly consuming content online. And the definition of content has grown in recent years. It encompasses anything your audience sees, from written articles and guides to visuals, videos, playlists and more.

With the right planning, production, and outreach, content can make your brand’s reach and visibility explode to get you in front of new audiences and reach the customers hungry for your products.

Why does your brand need content?

Content is an essential part of your search marketing strategy. Through on-page and off-page activity, content supports your organic search performance to get you found by the right people.

Whether you’re an established brand with multiple products and services or a new kid on the block, you need to be engaging, adventurous and maybe even slightly quirky with your content to set yourself apart from your competition, target new customers and grow your brand.

Why Red Hot Penny?

It’s simple, we know what we’re doing, and we’ve done it before. We produce and deliver content strategies day in, day out. Not only that, but everything we create and run for your brand is measurable and trackable. It’s all about tangible KPIs we can report on.

We create integrated content campaigns with SEO, paid media, outreach and reporting expertise in-house and can refine ads and content to make sure they work properly for your brand.

You could waste days trying to create and manage your campaigns, but why should you? We listen to exactly what you need from your content campaign and deliver the results.

If you want brand recognition, tangible results and content that draws your customers in, contact us for your bespoke content strategy.

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