You can’t grow your brand just doing the same thing all the time.

Doing what you’ve always done will deliver what you’ve always got. So we are here to coach, guide and advise you and your team so you can shake things up and take your business and brand to the next level.

As digital marketing and ecommerce advisors our job is to help you understand where you are right now, shape where you need to get to and then give you the tools you need to close the gap between the two as quickly as possible.

We can act as digital marketing consultants, helping you to fix a specific problem or as advisors, building a long-term relationship where we’re trusted to help drive your business forward over months and years.

We’ll be the external expert you need to stress test your strategies and plans, or the internal champion required to throw weight behind your ideas and get your plan of action pushed up through your business.

We are here to give you confidence, free up your time and deliver the results your business needs.

What do our advisory services do for you?

We give you access to the knowledge, experience, expertise, ideas, and new ways of thinking that will help you meet and beat your marketing and ecommerce objectives. Whether it’s a broader brand and ecommerce strategy or tactical activity across specific channels we’ve got you covered.

Our experience as ecommerce advisors is backed by our unique ecommerce heritage and the 50+ years of combined experience we have in building and perfecting brands’ ecommerce activity.

As marketing advisors we’ve been there and done that already with multiple brands, challenging ideas and assumptions and helping to shape a brand strategy and tactical activity to deliver the growth and results required.

What do our advisory services look like?

Our advisory services cover a variety of areas and disciplines, from your high-level strategy to the day-to-day delivery of activity through digital channels.

Our advisory work covers:

Strategy advisory – This can be broad – looking at your targeting and how you go about your search, growth or acquisition digital marketing. Or granular – looking at specific channel mix and the tactics you need to succeed. In every case we use our experience and expertise to look at the best course of action that will deliver the growth and results you and your brand need.

Training – We can create and deliver bespoke training sessions for any of our areas of expertise to upskill you and your team, giving you the guidance and practical knowledge needed to make the most of the channels you’re using. Just let us know what you need to learn about and we’ll create the training for you.

We also run regular training sessions on Google Analytics Fundamentals, find out more here.

Brand Strategy and marketing messaging – In highly competitive markets, like retail and ecommerce you need to have a clearly defined value proposition, position and associated messaging so you can present a distinctive, defensible and desirable brand to market. We’ll help you nail your ‘why’, build your brand and develop properly structured go-to-market messaging that will help attract and engage your target customers.

Business planning – Taking things to a more granular level will help you better understand and shape the budgeting and resourcing required to properly support your marketing plan and deliver the greatest ROI from your marketing spend.

End-to-end e-commerce – Setting up an ecommerce presence can be a daunting experience when you consider the options available for platforms, integrations, and solutions. We can help you assess what will work best for your brand, not just from a marketing point of view but also with a view on future-proofing your business and growing revenue for years to come.

Digital Marketing channel specific – Using our awards winning expertise across Organic Search, Content & Outreach, Paid Media, and Insights & Analytics we can give you and your team the advice and guidance required to optimise you spend, returns and make the most of these channels.

Data Strategy – Data is the lifeblood of every business, but many marketers and brands don’t necessarily understand the data they’ve got and how to use it to full effect. We can help you make sense of your data, increase the trust you have in it and then use that to help you make better decision.

Why Red Hot Penny?

We have decades of expertise in digital marketing and ecommerce, 50+ years to be precise. That means we’re not just ‘digital savvy’ but strategic, with practical experience of marketing strategies for e-commerce and an understanding of what needs to be done for success.

We’re also a Google Premier Partner, with multiple award wins under our belt for the work we’ve already delivered for our clients.

Our approach is zero bullshit and we focus on building relationships with our clients that are for the long-haul, not just the quick-win.

We know how to talk to the C-Suite, board members and external investors and our knowledge of digital marketing and ecommerce is backed up with data, and proven results.

So, if you need to take your brand to the next level (and beyond), get in touch.

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