Homeware & Furniture

Homeware and furniture brands need to get personal.

You want customers to put your products in their homes, live with them, sit on them, sleep in them, and interact with them every day.

But with more choice and information available than ever before, homeware and furniture brands need to show they understand what their customers want through their digital marketing strategies and individual campaigns. Brands need to build an emotional engagement and convince consumers that yours is the brand for them.

There’s a need to move beyond bland product descriptions, to higher value, more interactive content that tells your story and helps customers feel what a product is like online without actually being able to touch it.

Shifts in shopping habits are also driving significant changes in the way consumers research and purchase.

Customers will use their mobile phones whilst they’re in a showroom or physical store. There’s no avoiding it so you need to make sure yours is the first site or search result they see when they’re in-store.

Customers also now rely on influencers for guidance, so ensuring you’re working with the right people on social media, video platforms and blogs can be great for your brand, helping to build trust and emotional engagement, but it’s important to find the right fit for you or you could risk damage to your brand.

The purchase journey for customers can also be a long one, especially for things like furniture or high-end homeware. There’s a need to understand your customers behaviour and intent, so your brand is present and your products are being considered at each and every stage of the purchase journey and beyond.

For high value furniture items you also want to ensure you build a life-long relationship with your customers, so they come back to you time and time again to purchase from complimentary ranges and become advocates for you and your brand.

So, in this ultra-competitive and ever-changing world, how can you make sure you’re doing the right things to deliver the results and growth your brand needs?

How can you grow your homeware and furniture brand?

Cutting through – Your homeware and furniture customers are being shown masses of marketing messages from your competitors daily. How can your brand build immersive and unique retail marketing strategies to get the attention of your customers?

Marketing across multiple channels – You need to reinforce your brand and tell your story across all media platforms and devices your customers are using. How can you avoid channel conflict and beat your competitors to be top of the page, and front of mind?

Personalisation – You need to know exactly who your target customer is, if not you could end up blanket marketing and spending your marketing budget unwisely. Do you have the right marketing strategy in place to show how your brand understands the needs of the customer?

Touchpoint heavy – The homeware and furniture sector sell complex products meaning your customers are looking for far more information before they complete their purchase. How can your brand deliver this information in an interesting, imaginative and unique way to your customers?

Move direct to consumer – Many home and furniture brands are moving away from retailers and resellers and are selling through online channels directly to the customer. How can you make sure your brand is set up for success for direct selling?

Polarised market – Within the home sector potential customers are often well-informed or not at all, there is no middle ground. How does your brand cater to informed customers and non-informed customers without being too technical or patronising?

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