Food and Beverage

The food and beverage market is hyper-competitive with multiple new brands, restaurants and food chains launching every single week.

Being ahead of the competition and properly positioning your brand will help you survive, but does your brand have the right strategy to differentiate your company and succeed?

With Goliaths like Amazon entering the food delivery market it can be a real challenge to adapt to the changing ways your customers are shopping without losing your marketing message.

So how will your brand work with new services to get your message heard and grow a loyal customer base of subscribers, weekly shoppers or restaurant users?

Successful food and beverage brands know it’s not just about selling a great-looking product any more. Customers demand more. They want to know exactly what’s in their food, where it’s come from and the story behind the company they’re buying from.

Can your food and drink brand create the buzz needed to engage and entertain your audience? Finding the right story to fit your consumers and delivering it on the right digital marketing platform can test even the most experienced of marketers.

And with so many digital platforms to choose from to promote your food and beverage brand, how can you communicate the experience of eating or drinking your product through your digital marketing?

As well as shifting buyer behaviour there’s ever-changing regulations about what you can or need to say, particularly when marketing alcohol, energy drinks, health food and children’s products. Getting it right can be tricky.

So, how are you going to build the right search marketing and e-commerce strategy to ensure you stay ahead of the game?

How can you grow your food and beverage brand through digital marketing?

Brand building – The food and beverage sector is jammed with fierce competition. Building your brand is an important part of your marketing activity to set yourself apart from your competitors. Do you know how to build a memorable, unique and exciting brand and grow your following of loyal consumers?

Owning voice search – Voice search is here and it’s important to be ahead of the game. You need to ensure your marketing strategy for food and drink is on top form and that you rank above your competitors for recipe results and products in shopping lists. Do your marketing tactics put you ahead of your competitors in the voice search game?

Amazon marketing services – As Amazon makes its move in the fresh food delivery market how can you make sure you’re working with and not against the retail powerhouse?

Reliance on grocers and gifting – In the food and beverage sector there can often be channel conflict. Do you know how to capitalise on them and how to measure the benefit of different online activity when most sales are made through grocers?

Perishable nature of products – Short-life goods need to be sold and distributed. How do you make sure your product descriptions and online content are accurate and engaging enough to create repeat business and a loyal customer base?

Bricks and clicks battle – Food delivery services are challenging the restaurant trade with the increased popularity of the takeaway. How can you maximise your local presence online to reverse the impact and drive people to dine-in at your restaurant?

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