RHP team to take part in Tough Mudder

This May, 10 of Red Hot Penny’s bravest members of staff have signed up to complete the Tough Mudder obstacle course in Henley. The event will see the team make their way across 10-12 miles of mud and negotiate over 20 obstacles that includes climbing over walls, swinging across ropes and jumping into water.

Tough Mudder promotes itself as a challenge that requires teamwork and camaraderie and the RHP team are preparing to take it on together. In the process, the team have raised money for Tough Mudder’s official partner charity, Help for Heroes; a charity that supports those who were injured or became ill while serving in the British Armed Forces.

In preparation for the challenge, each member of the team has taken a different approach to training. Some have joined gyms and are committing to daily cardio sessions while others have decided some light stretching will be enough to warm-up for the muddy obstacles. When it comes to the team’s biggest trepidation though, the general consensus is that the final obstacle, which requires them to sprint through a field of dangling electrified wires before they reach the finish line, will be the hardest.

The team may have different approaches to preparing for Tough Mudder, but we look forward to seeing them all accomplish the challenge together, and wish them the best of luck for May!

To keep up to date with the team’s progress and to see pictures of the event in May, don’t forget to follow Red Hot Penny on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tough Mudder

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