Meet our UK Biddable Media Awards Rising Star – Andy Boreham

After scooping the coveted “Rising Star of the Year” award at the 2018 UK Biddable Media awards, our Biddable Media Exec, Andy Boreham, managed to stop signing autographs just long enough to chat to us about the awards, online poker, and a nickname he’s had since Year 7…

RHP: Andy, massive congratulations on the award. How are you feeling about it all?

AB: Really happy, thanks. It feels amazing to have won.

RHP: Well, you thoroughly deserve it mate. So how did you get into PPC and Biddable media?

AB: Growing up, I always had a keen interest in stats and numbers through watching various sports. This then led to me studying Human Geography at Uni – a combination of stats and countries. I also played a lot of poker there, both with friends and online, as this was a way of using my interest in statistics competitively and socially (and it helped to fund a few nights out too!). With poker, it’s about using those stats and numbers to keep learning, refining and making things better over time – which is exactly the same with PPC and Biddable. Whilst I didn’t specifically seek out a job in PPC after graduating, it was definitely the right route as it uses all of the skills I’ve gained through both my education and hobbies. I guess when I interviewed with Ben (RHP Head of Biddable Media) he saw this potential in me, and that helped me differentiate and get the job!

RHP: So, this is your first ever “proper” job then?

AB: Yeah, I came to RHP straight out of Uni. I started here in August 2016 – so I’ve been here just under two years.

RHP: And you’ve already won an award! Impressive!

AB: *LAUGHS* Thanks.

RHP: So, why did you want to enter the awards having only been in the role for just under two years?

AB: I guess it was to test and see where I was – and where we are as an agency – in comparison to other agencies. It’s also a really well-respected and prestigious award, so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t after a bit of recognition for myself and also for Red Hot Penny.

RHP: And why do you think you won?

AB: I think it’s all to do with consistency of growth – personally, as an agency, and for our clients.

As an agency, we’ve had loads of shortlistings, and have now won two Biddable Media Awards (Best Integrated Campaign for Price Right Home this year and Best Brand Campaign for Lipsy in 2017), and we keep on delivering great results for our clients, day in, day out. As the judges said, we always try and go above and beyond to help each other get the best results for our clients.

On a personal level, I think I get much more responsibility and opportunity for growth and development than I would in a larger agency at entry level (although we’re not small, really). I get to speak to clients directly, manage accounts on my own and get involved in client presentations – which I don’t think I’d be doing if I worked somewhere else.

RHP: You’re not even two years into your career, but what are you eyeing up for the future?

AB: Just to keep on building my experience and to keep on growing as an individual, whilst helping the agency and our clients grow too.

RHP: So, what advice would you give someone thinking about entering the “Rising Star” award next year?

AB: To just find the opportunity for growth in every task you do, whether that’s delivering growth for a client or growth for yourself. There’s always an opportunity to learn and develop in everything you do, even if it doesn’t go as planned.

RHP: And finally, we can’t let you go without asking about your nickname – “Bounce”. Where’d it come from?

AB: Thanks for that! Well, it goes back to year 7 of school and the first cricket match of the season. I was so excited to play that I was just bouncing on the spot! The PE teacher saw and then just called me Bounce – which has stuck ever since…


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Biddable Media Rising Star Award

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