Unravelling Awesome PPC Campaigns

Our Head of Marketing, Russ Powell recently presented at the Figaro Digital Summit with a session titled “Aggression, Efficiency and Budgets: Unravelling awesome PPC”. If you’re involved in any sort of PPC activity for your organisation this really is a must watch as it completely dismantles the traditional approaches to PPC and shows the fatal flaws that are probably holding back how effective PPC can be.

Russ laid out the case for removing budgets from PPC activity completely, based on a central (and very important theme). PPC is actually a delicate balancing act between Aggression (how many leads you want) and Efficiency (how you want to obtain those leads) and having any sort of pre-determined budget associated with PPC activity AT ALL will inhibit how effective that balancing act can be and the results that you can deliver.

Russ then went on to demonstrate how this works in the real world, the key considerations you’ll need to take when looking at making your PPC and Biddable Media Campaigns as awesome as they can be, and where we have used this approach with both Lipsy and Megabus to drive significant improvements and returns.

Take a look at Russ’ presentation and if you have any questions contact Russ on russ.powell@redhotpenny.com

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