DOWNLOAD: The impact of syndicated content on SEO

Red Hot Penny and Flixmedia are delighted to share the findings of a report undertaken to assess the impact of syndicated content on organic visibility.

Our report analysed a group of retailers from both the UK and USA that are using syndicated content against a control group who aren’t, comparing data across 54 data sets to prove what the impact of using syndicated content was on SEO performance. In short:

Syndicated Content has No Negative Impact on Organic Search

While syndicated content may be considered duplicative by some SEO professionals, our findings prove that there is no negative impact on organic search visibility.

Of the retailers analysed, those using syndicated content saw a higher number of ranking keywords and a sharper increase in the keywords ranking on pages 1 or 2, compared to the control group, across multiple markets.

Ben Perrins, Chief Strategy Officer at Flixmedia was keen to highlight the impact this shift in thinking can have for the customer:


“We’re delighted to see the results from the report by Red Hot Penny. It indicates that search engines are focusing on a website’s SEO strategy as a whole, and there’s opportunity for retailers to improve their users’ experience with syndicated content without negatively affecting their organic rankings.”


To ensure content is having a positive impact on organic search visibility, retailers should focus on actions that improve their overall SEO performance.

Creating content that is engaging, enjoyable and trustworthy and that improves signals like bounce rates and returning users whilst also looking at building appealing user interfaces and security encryptions, can all help increase visibility.

The main benefit of syndicated content is that it supports conversion rates and improves CRO. So the news that it has no impact on organic search presents a significant opportunity for retailers to improve their overall content quality.

Dave Schulhof, CEO at Red Hot Penny had this to say:


“Carrying out this report with Flixmedia gave us the chance to look deeper into search engines’ algorithms. The results should reassure retailers that providing a positive experience for shoppers comes before unique content. And syndicated content can prove helpful to retailers looking to improve the quality and helpfulness of their product pages.”


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