DOWNLOAD: The Social Scorecard – Fashion & Accessories 2018

The role of the high street is in flux and the struggle for brands and retailers who are not keeping pace is painfully real. But how are brands and retailers with physical stores, and their marketers, dealing with the “death of the high street“?

To figure it out we created “The Social Scorecard” report – a unique research piece that looks at the social media activity of 110 high street fashion & accessories brands to see who is driving the greatest levels of engagement with their online audiences, and who could be best placed for continued success.

Our report shares our findings about best-practice across social media, having analysed some 330 social media accounts. What we found actually dispels some commonly held misconceptions about social media and also gives some handy tips for what should be doing if you want your brand to succeed on social.

Our report includes:

  • A master ranking of the 110 brands
  • Our findings on social media best practice – with tips for success
  • Rankings of the top 40 best performers for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Rankings of the brands by audience size (1m + followers, 150k – 1,m followers, sub 150k followers)
  • Ranking of the top 40 best performers for “followers per physical location

You can download your own copy of the report by filling out the short form below.

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