Back to Basics – Great Product Content Section Two: SEO Benefits

SEO also plays an important role in producing great product content. Without mastering the basics of SEO and following best practices to get your product pages ranking in the long term, your well-written content may not be seen. Plus, relying on manufacturer content presents duplication issues. Optimising every single description and making them unique will improve site visibility and leads to greater ROI.


Similarly to content writers answering consumers’ questions, SEO experts can conduct keyword research to find out what potential customers search for when looking for a product. For example, one customer looking for a TV might search ‘Smart TV’, while another might search for ‘WIFI ready smart TV’. Both of these search terms refer to the same type of product and the search will return thousands of results from multiple retailers.

RHP Tip: Conducting research uncovers keyword search trends and reveals just how many people are searching for that term. Product descriptions need to be written around keyword topics in order to be found by the right customer. The trick is to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’. Simply loading copy with keywords will be penalised by search engines. Instead, the keywords need to be naturally written into the copy, and feature in heading tags, to be rewarded with higher rankings.


Keywords aren’t the only way to improve rankings. Optimising at product level has a knock-on effect at category level. Improving search visibility  for certain product groups will improve rankings and visibility of that subcategory. And ranking highly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is vital for click-throughs.

Research has found that the difference between position number 1 and position number 2 on a search page means, on average, a huge 23.9% lower CTR.

So, optimising your website at product level increases the rankings and more CTRs. And with customers then finding persuasive and informative content on site, the chance of conversion is also increased.

Using headings is another way to improve SERPs. They give structure to content, making it more digestible, and also help search engines recognise the topic of the description.



Another SEO issue tripping up online retailers is duplicate content. Search engines crawl your site, looking for unique content to rank highly on SERPs. Using manufacturer-written descriptions that are distributed to competitors is seen as duplicate content and penalised.

Enlisting the help of writers and working on a large number of products will help to fill your site with unique content, that is looked upon favourably by search engines. Likewise, meta descriptions need to be unique too. Utilising the specialities of both content writers and SEO experts produces good quality unique content that is optimised for search engines.

Find 3 examples of  great product content in the next section.


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