Red Hot Penny’s Favourite Instagram Accounts

Books, music and art have been sources of inspiration for generations.

But we’d be lying if we said we don’t get a lot of our inspiration from online social platforms today.

Instagram has become the go-to for storytellers, artists and more to share snapshots – and it’s lucky for us, because their pics give us a little boost for the imagination from the comfort of our smartphones.

We asked some of the Red Hot Penny team to share what their hot favourite Instagram accounts are and why they love to see one of their posts appear in their feed.


@nathanwpyle is pushing the boundaries of Instagram’s latest features by creating pigeon stories. He films pigeons on the street and creates wild backstories for them using the stickers feature.

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There’s also the @fryuppolice. It’s pretty inspirational and shows what’s truly possible when you follow your dreams and aim for perfection.


One of my faves is @tinykitchentm because it’s really skilled how they create all the dishes with the tiny equipment. It’s super creative and original how Tastemade have taken their successful food video process and put a really unique spin on it, making all their posts really engaging and high-quality. You can tell there’s a lot of time, thought and editing put into each post.


I’m going to have to go with @dirtdiva333, fifty-something-year-old former meth addict punk who now runs 100 and 200 mile races in the wilderness with a tiny dachshund for company. The dachshund wears little ski goggles too.


She’s the only person I follow on Instagram who I don’t know in real life. So she wins by default.


@NatGeo because they post amazing images of wildlife and culture from their pro photographers. Each post has a story/geographical fact behind the photo and the quality really stands out as you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed.

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I really like @lostsupplyapparel. They have a really nice aesthetic to all their pictures and high-quality videos with good songs.


My favourite Instagram account is @BrandonWoelfel because I love how the pictures are framed and how he has a consistent theme throughout his feed. Plus, it’s where I get a lot of my shoot ideas from. Also @DogsInFood.


There are so many to choose from, but if pushed my top three are:

  1. @studiofurious as they have really cool styling and art direction and I love the variety of content – no two posts are the same.
  2. @graymalin as I really like the style of his work (and it makes me want to book more holidays!).
  3. And @homepolish as it’s great for home inspiration – and I like to think how I can re-create it on a lower budget.

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My current favourite is an oldie but a goldie, @dietprada. The account calls out designers for copying others – mainly Zara copying everyone else. They use funny captions and a good mix of memes. No-one used to know who ran the account until recently. The duo behind it are now revealed as Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler. They revealed their identities as they want to turn it into a business apparently.

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Might say more about my sense of humour than anything else but I love @Sirjoancornella. At first glance his cartoons look cheerful and fun, but they’re actually pretty dark, surreal and often a bit disturbing. Always good for a break from the norm.

So, tell us, what’s your favourite Instagram account and why? You never know, they might get a few new followers… or we might discover a new favourite for ourselves.


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