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Black Friday Preparation | Paid Search with our expert Andrew

It is almost that time of year again… (no, not Christmas just yet) Black Friday is just around the corner! For a year where the world mostly stood still, it came around quite quickly. As one of the most important dates of the year for many businesses, we decided to share some Black Friday preparation tips for Paid Search campaigns from our expert Andrew. 

What are the most important things to look at in preparation for a Black Friday Google campaign?

  • Campaign Budgets (are they taking into account the expected rise in traffic across Cyber Week?
  • ROAS/CPA targets or Manual Bids: Are they increased for Black Friday? Particularly on competitive/generic terms.
  • Adjust Ad scheduling: Ensure any positive or negative bid adjustments are checked, whilst these adjustments may be appropriate for Q1-Q3 they may not be correct for Q4 peak.

How far in advance should you start running your campaign?

Ideally, you would have already started collecting audiences for November, but it’s not too late to start. Consider segmenting a November-specific site visitor list. It’s likely some customers will have been browsing in anticipation of Black Friday (particularly if you ran significant Cyber Week activity last year). Bidding up on those audiences prevents resellers or competitors from attracting these customers elsewhere.

Similarly, when Black Friday itself starts, create a Black Friday purchasers list, that way you can retarget them specifically next year.

What is the usual increase in spend on Black Friday – how much higher should we expect a budget to be than average?

This depends on your offering versus competitors and resellers, as well as your usual Cyber Week presence, but it is likely this Cyber Week will be different to any other, with less offline shopping opportunity. We would encourage monitoring performance across the week and having different tactics in place depending on initial performance.

Make sure you have different tactics ready, for best- and worst-case scenarios (and in-between). Ensuring you are not going to cut off spend with limited budgets is an essential step though.

Any tips for ad copy? Is it better to run generic or product specific?

This depends on the search term but having things as specific to the search term as possible improves your ad rank and lowers your costs. Having specific landing pages for the search term will help – particularly for product ranges and colour variants.

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