Our 5 Favourite Marketing Campaigns This January

Marketers are steaming ahead with their January campaigns to kick-off the new year.

Lonely Planet, Samaritans and Cadbury are just some of brands serving up creative campaigns to help take our minds off the post-Christmas slump.

Lonely Planet – Best in Travel 2018

Every year, Lonely Planet get a panel of their biggest travel geeks, experts and editors together to rank the must-visit places around the world. They pick 10 of the best countries, regions, cities and best-value locations, and wrap them all up in an annual best-selling book to inspire tourists. Their website drives awareness for their print publications and also offers a comprehensive guide to the panel’s top picks. From beautifully-shot videos, to written guides, explore hours of content dedicated to Lonely Planet’s top destinations for 2018.

Cochlear – Does Love Last Forever?

Cochlear is a company that designs and makes implants, devices and prosthetics to help with hearing loss. In their short film ‘Does Love Last Forever?’, they’ve come up with a creative way to test for hearing loss.

The film follows a couple as they grow older. Towards the end, the characters’ body language suggests they have fallen out of love, and ambient noise is used to mask loving conversations.

Depending on your hearing, you might interpret the film as love lasting or love being lost – in which case you might want to book a hearing test for peace of mind…


Samaritans – Brew Monday

Blue Monday, usually the third Monday of the month, was named the most depressing day of the year by a travel company in 2005 as part of a marketing campaign. This year, though, mental health campaigners and charities were keen to shake-up the message and remind people that depression is not something that only happens on one day. Samaritans renamed the day ‘Brew Monday’ – encouraging people to talk about their mental health over a cup of tea, and raise money for their life-saving service.

The charity got celebrities to chat about their perfect brew, drummed up support on social with their #BrewMonday hashtag, and sent out fundraising packs to help raise money with offline activity.

Papier – Starting with a Blank Page

Papier partners with illustrators, designers and studios to create beautiful stationery, including cards, invitations and notebooks.

They produce some great content on their blog, The Fold, and this month, they gave 5 creatives a personalised sketchbook to see how they would fill it.

The blog includes images of the creatives’ work, and short descriptions from them about what they created. The stationery is showcased and there’s an option to purchase the products featured.


Google – Arts & Culture

Google’s Arts & Culture app hosts artefacts and artwork from museums around the world in a digital form. You can explore art movements, world heritage sites, fashion and more in the app. The latest addition to the app is a feature which lets you take a selfie before matching it with your doppelganger from artworks sitting in over 1,500 museums around the world.

It’s a ridiculously fun way to discover art, and Google has seen over 30-million people using the feature.

Sadly, the feature isn’t available in the UK yet. But we can still enjoy the selfies people have been posting online in the meantime.

Bonus: Cadbury – White Crème Egg

This campaign isn’t strictly digital, but it’s been brightening up our January so much that we just couldn’t leave it out.

Cadbury are running a Charlie and the Chocolate factory style competition, with white chocolate crème eggs hidden on retailers’ shelves. Winners get a cash prize and a taste of the rare white crème egg.

If the number of crème eggs in the Red Hot Penny office is anything to go by, Cadbury have found a clever way to make the Easter treat more sought-after than ever.

We hope these digital campaigns have made your January a little easier. Watch out for February’s edition of our content round-up, landing in your inbox next month…

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