Reclaim your Monday – Data Studio Dashboards

Monday mornings in ecommerce and retail businesses can be a real drag.

You’ll probably spend a lot of your precious time pulling reports out of Google Analytics, copying them into Excel and reformatting them to put into your trading pack. We’ve seen businesses waste up to a day a week in man hours just generating the reports for their Monday meetings. But there is a better way. A way that allows you to reclaim your Monday, gives you your time back and lets you focus on everything else you need to do to drive the growth of your brand.

Data Studio Dashboards.

Data Studio Dashboards connect to your Google Analytics account and extract all the data for you automatically, providing at a glance metrics for your weekly trading meetings without the need to spend hours every Monday in Excel.

Dashboards provide you an easier and more efficient way of creating more valuable reporting, and we here at Red Hot Penny have created one that we’re letting you get your hands on for absolutely nothing. We’re not even asking you for an email address.

All you need to do is click the button below and then follow the easy instructions to connect it to the Google Analytics account of your choice. It really is as simple as that.

RHP Data Studio Button

Our data insights dashboard has 4 tabs covering performance overview, campaign performance, customer behaviour, and product performance, but once you’ve had a chance to try out the dashboard if you need any help or you’d like to make suggestions for new features/customisations just let us know here:

    Make sure you reclaim your Monday.

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