Get inspired with these creative campaigns from February

Now that January is out of the way, take a look at all the creative content brands have been bringing out for February. We’ve been celebrating 100 years of votes for women, filling up on chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and glued to Winter Olympics Curling.

Creative campaigns from Intel, Channel 4, and more have helped to drive awareness around the key events of the month, and we’ve brought them together into one marketing campaign round-up, just for you.

CALM – Best man project

The 1st of Feb was national Time to Talk Day, raising awareness for Mental Health. One campaign that has caught our eye is the Campaign Against Living Miserably, or CALM, with their #BestManProject. CALM is dedicated to preventing male suicide and is highlighting the importance of friendship through good times and bad.

People are encouraged to get involved with the #BestManProject by signing up to the newsletter, offering tips and advice on how to be a great friend. The heartwarming video campaign pairs best friends together and asks things like “Who takes the longest to get ready?”, before encouraging each friend to talk about what their friendship means to them.

River Island  Labels are for clothes

River Island kicked off their Spring/Summer campaign this month. Describing it as a ‘people positive campaign’, River Island’s Labels are for Clothes brings together a cast of diverse people to celebrate what makes them unique.

It’s a fully-integrated campaign that includes a competition, TV ad, Snapchat lens, and hashtag. The landing page includes River Island’s mission statement, a link to the clothing range and short profiles on each of the faces of the campaign.

February content blog River Island

Channel 4 – #Vote100 

It’s been 100 years since some women were given the right to vote, and to celebrate this fact, Channel 4 ran a series of empowering films and female-centric programmes. Their social media accounts were also taken-over with the hashtag #Vote100 for the day.

Channel 4 enlisted the help of three centenaries, Millie, Beattie and Margaret, to be continuity announcers and mark the day’s celebrations. The women introduced programmes and discussed how life has changed over the last hundred years.

Black Mirror – Coach dating

One of the most popular episodes from the recent series of Black Mirror was ‘Hang the DJ’. The story follows people in a walled-off society where they’re matched-up via a digital dating device – Coach. The device dictates how long each couple has together before they breakup to be paired with someone else.

For Valentine’s Day, Black Mirror fans were able to try Coach out for themselves. The Coach dating website lets you share a link with your partner, and then prompts you both to click its interface at the same time. It’ll then tell you how much longer you have left in your current relationship. This clever campaign helps to keep the flame alive for lovers of ‘Hang the DJ’.

February content blog Black Mirror

Intel – Team in Flight 

The Winter Olympics kicked off in PyeongChang on the 9th February. Intel put on a show with Team in Flight – a light show made up of more than 1,200 drones – as millions of people around the world watched the opening ceremony.

The show lit up the sky above the Olympic stadium, coming together to create images of snowboarders and the Olympic rings. Intel even broke the world record for the most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the air at the same time. An amazing opportunity for Intel to kick-off the Olympics and showcase how they’re innovating with drone technology.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to create your very own seasonal campaigns. Tune back in at the end of March for more of our favourite content…

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