Facebook algorithm changes: Should I worry?

No doubt you’ll have seen or heard about the changes Facebook is shortly going to be making to its algorithms.

If not here’s the full post from Zuck himself

In and amongst the people-pleasing lines about “making sure services are good for people’s well-being” is a statement that could be troubling for marketers and brands:

“you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

So, what is this algorithm change really going to mean for you, our wonderful clients?

Any changes made to the algorithm that defines how your brand’s posts rank will be minimal. Any content or posts you publish that are paid for shouldn’t be affected in any meaningful way with the real impact felt by all that uninspiring organic and non-paid content cluttering up newsfeeds.

If anything, it’s likely this algorithm change will actually favour paid content, so Facebook can boost the amount marketers and brands will want to spend.

Facebook have made no secret about wanting to make money from the platform (you don’t get a current market valuation of around $350 Billion for no reason) and this algorithm change reflects the gradual change in priorities of Facebook. Why would they inhibit how much you or any other brand would want to spend on the platform? Short answer; They wouldn’t.

What this change does show is that Facebook have understood they need to make a change to maintain their long-term appeal for users. The focus will now be on interaction and sparking conversations, rather than those dull posts that elicit no reaction.

So, we as marketers should be looking at posting creative and provocative content from our brands that gets people engaged and creates a sense of community – either around a product, service, or experience.

Do that, and sponsor your social ads and you’ll have nothing to fear from any algorithm change ever.

Happy Facebooking!

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