eCommerce Masterplan Podcast: ROAD iD

Edward Wimmer, Co-Founder of and CEO for one of our clients, ROAD iD recently sat down with eCommerce expert, Chloe Thomas to take part in episode 190 of her ‘eCommerce Masterplan’ podcast.

You can listen to the podcast using the embedded player below, download it to listen later, or head to the eCommerce Masterplan soundcloud page to check it out.

Edward talks through the story of ROAD iD’s origins, taking the fledgling brand from a basement project with his father and how they’ve evolved over time to become a brand that is changing lives and having a real-world impact. ROAD iD make wearable identification that’s helped athletes when they’ve been in need and have helped family members find their loved ones in some worst-case scenarios.

Edward makes no secret of the fact they want to see a day when wearing ROAD iD is as common as strapping on a seat belt.

Edward explains how ROAD iD built their eCommerce presence themselves, and how they did so whilst also producing custom products that involved complex logistics around collecting, engraving and delivering their product to customers. He also opens up about the platforms and tech ROAD iD use, and how their switch to Shopify Plus has allowed them to test and learn in a scaled way.

Although the ROAD iD team does almost everything in-house, Red Hot Penny get a shout out as a trusted partner and Edward goes into some detail on how we’ve helped ROAD iD with their first major international expansion from the US into the UK.

He also delves into his passion for word of mouth marketing and how the ROAD iD team’s desire to drive this is reflected in their commitment to delivering an excellent customer service and growing a community around the brand.

For the full podcast notes, as well as Edward’s Top Tips for eCommerce success, just head to eCommerce Masterplan.

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