Why Ecommerce Customers Love Personalised Recommendations

Pull out all the stops with your customer service and stand out from the competition. You can’t always budge on pricing to compete, but you can help people justify a higher price tag with a superior user experience. A great customer experience will always encourage repeat purchases, and a report by IDC and RichRelevance says that personalisation modules on ecommerce sites are now boosting online sales across Europe, with over 45% of European consumers shopping online each month.

53% of UK shoppers openly enjoy being provided with tailored and relevant product suggestions based on their previous buying behaviour, and 18% of those asked said that they do review personal recommendations from retailers before making their final purchase. Personalisation introduces your customer to similar or alternative products they may never have looked at otherwise.

Amazon deliver personalised mini shops with Recommended for You, with displayed items related exclusively to your past purchases and browsing history. And Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought is a big purchase incentive, because who doesn’t want what everyone else like them has got?

Asos make it easier for you to find a whole new outfit, and conveniently all in one place, with their Complete the Look and You Might Also Like personalised features.

45% of UK shoppers admit to checking-out with recommended products in their basket purely because they were on-screen at the right time. That’s a huge amount of potential sales that retailers can capitalise on just by displaying suitable products at the right time in the buying cycle.

Personalisation modules look set to be the next feature to move from optional extra to ecommerce best-practice – alongside guest-checkouts and customer reviews. So make sure yours are driven by up-to-date customer data to deliver the best results. Helping you to improve your customer service and increase conversions.

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