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This ‘Social Scorecard: Sport’ report is a one-of-kind analysis of how professional sports clubs across the UK & I are using social media to engage their fans as well as an exploration of how¬†clubs can use social media to better drive the retail side of their business, boosting revenues and commercial returns.

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    Our analysis looks at the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and activity of 80 top professional sports clubs across football, rugby, cricket, basketball and ice hockey. We’ve analysed over 6,000 posts to understand which teams are the best at using social media channels to engage their fans (and also which have significant room for improvement).

    We looked at the top 10 clubs from:

    • Premier League Football
    • Scottish Premier League Football
    • Premiership Rugby
    • Super League Rugby
    • Pro 14 Rugby
    • County Championship Cricket
    • Elite League Ice Hockey
    • British Basketball League

    We analysed each club based on their following size, average post engagements and overall engagement rate across each social media channel individually as well as additional rankings around average engagement rate across channels and a unique measure for this sport focused social scorecard: Followers per seat. We used the analysis of all of these factors to rank the 80 teams against each other, providing an overall ranking as well as measure specific rankings to see who takes the top spot and who languishes at the bottom.

    And some of the results and rankings we found will most definitely surprise you.

    Beyond the rankings (and the bragging rights these afford clubs) we specifically conducted this analysis in the run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping days of the year to understand what sort of retail focus clubs have.

    What we discovered is that there are massive opportunities clubs are missing to drive significant commercial and retail results from social media activity.

    As very few clubs are using social media to effectively support their retail business we’ve pulled out 5 key findings that will help you and your club seize the opportunity that social media presents to boost retail performance and better engage your fans.

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