ITV, Marmite and more… our favourite digital campaigns this September

We’ve found the perfect end of Summer pick-me-up in a few of the coolest digital marketing campaigns from September. Offerings from ITV,, IKEA and Marmite have been helping to relieve our blues, with their clever use of video, inspired use of VR and fully integrated campaigns.


ITV’s new drama ‘Liar’ started earlier this month. It’s a gripping story that centres around two characters – one of whom is lying.

To build anticipation for their latest programme, ITV’s Facebook page was littered with short videos advertising the show. One in particular caught our attention. The video asks viewers to remove one headphone at a time to hear two different sides to the story.

This clever use of video gets across the programme’s dramatic theme, and has so far racked up over 1 million views. provides online training in how to draw 360° panoramas. Illustrator Kevin Hohler used the tool to create a stunning Where’s Waldo (aka Wally) panorama, taking the classic children’s book into the digital age.

The content can be viewed with a virtual reality headset or on your desktop. Look out for Wally plus characters like Homer Simpson, ET and a Minion!


Ever heard of autonomous sensory meridian response? Well, ASMR  is that tingling feeling at the back of your neck triggered by visual or acoustic stimuli.

It’s a bit scientific, but makes a great basis for a marketing campaign which is exactly what IKEA have done. Their Oddly IKEA ASMR video showcases products for Uni students, and incorporates features including a soft voiceover and satisfying product shots to trigger viewers’ ASMR.

It’s a 25-minute video and is super-relaxing. We don’t know why, but we feel the need for an IKEA trip…


Last but not least, we LOVE this new Marmite campaign. Playing on their ‘love it or hate it’ narrative, Marmite has come up with a totally integrated campaign to determine whether you like marmite – based on your genetic make-up.

The TV ad is a must-watch, and it’s backed up by some pretty cool digital content. Videos and mock-scientific reports explain the science behind the ‘Marmite gene project’.

There’s an interactive feature too. Users go to the microsite,, to take the test themselves. It involves making some Marmite on toast before using your front-facing camera to film yourself eating it. The results will tell you if you were born loving Marmite, or hating it.

September Marketing Campaigns Feature - Marmite

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