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Zone V describe themselves as a company that provide inclusively designed and accessible technology, applications, and services so customers are free to communicate in their preferred way. The original premise behind the business was to help those with sensory issues navigate and utilise technology. The name Zone V originated as Zone5, linking with the way technology is broken into different zones and the impact they have on the 5 senses.

What differentiates Zone V from technology developed by some of the leading names including both Apple and Google, is that the technology is designed specifically for a millennial audience and their requirements. Unlike Zone V, Google and Apple add accessibility features to their standard products leaving these difficult to find and not designed from the ground up to match the needs of the target demographic.

Recently Red Hot Penny began working alongside Zone V to help them acquire new customers through the use of digital platforms and today we speak with Zone V to get a look at their future and why the relationship with Red Hot Penny is already proving ground-breaking.

David Schulhof, CEO of Red Hot Penny said of the relationship “When we heard about the vision of the team at Zone V we couldn’t wait to meet them and see the product in action. At times like this where connecting with loved ones is more important than ever, we shared a passion with this project. Everyone involved had a personal experience with a relative and loved one where the Zone V technology would and will make a difference. I am over the moon that we were selected to help launch and drive growth and look forward to working with the Zone V team.”

Firstly, tell us what your process was when looking for agency support?

We spent a lot of time looking at different agencies with as many as 15 on the long list. We required experience of working with a start up with a focus on acquiring as many new customers as possible in the most efficient way.

Did you have your own ideas about how you wanted to go to market?

Whilst we had our own ideas, we needed a company who understood the advance techniques required to build a funnel. Red Hot Penny managed to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the marketing funnel and could clearly get across to us how they would build our customer pipeline.

Was it important for you to find an agency that matched your culture?

Back in meeting one, the Red Hot Penny team challenged us to explain why we believe we had a valid product. This demonstrated to us that they shared the start up mentality that we were looking for and it helped show us that they would be the right team to open up new opportunities.

What can you tell us about the benefits of working with Samsung?

Working with Samsung gives us a unique advantage to work with the very latest in smartphone technology. This relationship means we can continue to build tailored technology in line with other services that may be available.

What do you think the future holds for Zone V?

With more and more services moving towards smartphones and tablets we are creating a digital divide. This is a global problem. Essentially, we run the risk of leaving behind a generation of people who are unable to access digital services. If there is one thing covid-19 has shown us is that if you isolate old people, then technology is the only way they can have daily content.

How do you see yourself impacting this generation?

There are many older people who are perfectly able to use the technology that is available. However, there are those that need a simpler user experience and with more and more services that are paramount for the older generations within our communities, our technology will enable many of these businesses to become more digitally active. Take the NHS for instance. Older people are the biggest user of the health service. Therefore, enabling them to utilise technology to ensure a more efficient service will be extremely beneficial.

How do you see Red Hot Penny being a part of the future?

The work we are doing with Red Hot Penny is ground-breaking. We are aiming to reach an audience that may not be as au fait with current technology, therefore, how and the way we communicate is down to the experience and skill of Red Hot Penny.

Any final thoughts?

One key point we always try to get across is to ensure that people understand that even with the interface on, the devices still have some of the best screens, cameras and processors so they will still run the best videos and show the best photos. Zone V opens the door of access.

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