Black Friday Dashboard

To help you get the most from your Black Friday Google Analytics data, we’ve created a dashboard so you can apply those insights and learnings to the remainder of Q4 and Q1.

Use the link below to navigate to the Black Friday Learnings Data Studio Dashboard.


Inside, you’ll find 3 tabs covering ecommerce overview, user overview, and product performance.

Ecommerce Overview

  • Gives you an overview of the performance on Black Friday compared to last year
  • Allows you to understand the shift from shopping, to planning for sale, before Black Friday
  • Gives you visibility on where your users are coming from, what pages they enter from, and when the most purchases occurred

User Overview

  • Overview of users during Black Friday
  • Insights into who the users making purchases, are
    • Age and Gender breakdown of purchases
    • Where they are purchasing from
    • What devices they are using
    • Which browsers they’re using to convert and if there are any blockers

Product Performance (requires Enhanced Ecommerce)

  • Overview on product performance metrics
  • Product List views by category
  • Product revenue by category
  • Products added to basket
  • Shopping behaviour during Black Friday, including abandonments

How to use the dashboard

To use the dashboard with your own Google Analytics data:

  • Make a copy of the dashboard by clicking this icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Map the New Data Source to the Google Analytics view you would like to report on
  • Select ‘Create Report’

This dashboard can be adapted to provide insight into your sale periods too. Simply change the date ranges to reflect your sale periods.

For help or feature requests please contact us.

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