The Why, What, and How of AdWords for Channel Tool

Recently we combined forces with Google, TIE Kinetix and Michelin at an exclusive event that gave the lucky attendees the inside track on running awesome AdWords campaigns with their channel partner/re-seller networks.

If you weren’t one of the fortunate few who were there fear not, because we’ve distilled the key points from the event’s presentations into the easily digestible 21 minute video below.

Why commit 21 minutes of your life to watching a video about AdWords for the channel?

Because you’ll get:

  • Exclusive trends insights from Google on the need for brands to focus on “local”
  • An overview of how the TIE Kinetix¬†AdWords for the Channel tool WILL help you and your partner network maximise MDF spend
  • Proof that it does work from Michelin, who delivered 9 times more leads for their re-sellers
  • Guidance from Red Hot Penny on getting the most value¬† from centralised AdWords campaigns

Enjoy the video and If you have any questions on any of the content, or want to explore the TIE Kinetix tool drop our Head of Marketing Russ an email at

Adwords for Channel Tool Feature

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