Google Analytics Fundamentals Training


Google Analytics Fundamentals Training

Are you looking for practical guidance on how to make better use of your Google Analytics (GA), really understand your brand’s online performance and make better-informed decisions?

Then this is the Google Analytics training course for you.

Our training is specifically tailored for marketers and ecommerce managers at retail and ecommerce brands (like you), who may have dabbled in Google’s Analytics platform previously but can’t say with confidence you know exactly what you’re looking at or how to extract the right info to support your decision making.

This training isn’t for someone who wants to become an analytics expert, it’s for marketers and ecommerce managers who need a working knowledge of Google Analytics to help support them in their role.

Once you’ve attended our Google Analytics fundamental training you’ll be able to:

  • Approach your GA with confidence and a clear idea of what it can do for you
  • Better understand your performance against KPIs and your data, increasing the level of trust you can have in your data driven decision making
  • Hold any of your agency partners to account on performance, because you’ll have the knowledge to do so
  • Accurately review your data and performance in-house


What’s covered?

This GA fundamentals training course for marketers and ecommerce managers covers:

  • An overview of Google Analytics: Helping you to understand how GA works, how you access it and how your account is structured.
  • Understanding and using Google Analytics data: Defining the key metrics and dimensions used within Google Analytics and the key limitations.
  • Google Analytics reports: Looking at the different types of reports available in Google Analytics, how to understand them and how to use the information you get from them.
  • Collecting campaign data: How to ensure you’re properly tracking your campaign activity and can understand how your campaigns are performing.


What our clients say about our training

“Our marketing team had Google Analytics training with Red Hot Penny and it was a great experience. After optimising our accounts, Emily helped us learn and understand the changes and how to properly derive meaning from our data which has helped us better understand our business and clients. We would recommend Red Hot Penny, especially as they offer a comprehensive look into your business.”

Christina Salampassis, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Panavision


Logistics and Costs

Our training sessions are led by our Head of Insights, Emily as half-day interactive sessions. We run our sessions with a maximum of 8 attendees. Keeping our sessions small means every attendee has the chance to ask questions and can take away all the practical tips and advice they need from the session.

Our training sessions are run onsite at our headquarters in Berkshire and include refreshments and a light lunch. Sessions cost £500 per person, however if two people from the same brand want to attend the same session the second person can attend at a reduced rate of £300. Each attendee should bring a laptop with then in order to access Google Analytics. If you don’t have a laptop one can be supplied for you for a one-off hire fee of £50.

The training Sessions run from 9:30 to 1:30 and are predominantly on the first Thursday of every month (public holiday permitting). See available dates below.


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Bespoke training sessions at other locations can also be organised. Just contact Russ on the email address above to discuss.