Case Study

Launching a new website with World of Wallpaper

  • 302% Increase in wallpaper sales YoY
  • 340+ Keywords on Page 1
  • 1p Mobile CPC’s

World of Wallpaper were looking to launch a brand new website to showcase their product offering. How did they gain search visibility quickly to compete with big-name brands and grow revenue?

What were the main business goals? 

World of Wallpaper are a family-owned business. They’d been selling wallpaper on their general site, Price Right Home, but needed to launch a specific website on Magento 2. Their new website needed to rapidly gain organic visibility and market share, while competing with big-name brands for space on search engine results pages.  

We took an integrated approach to make sure World of Wallpaper’s new site would quickly dominate SERPs. 

How did Red Hot Penny help World of Wallpaper achieve success? 

During the initial site build, our organic search team worked to make sure all its pages had sufficient information on that would be valuable for users and search engines. This was crucial so the website would be discovered by search engines as quickly as possible.  

The team also worked to make sure the site followed technical best practices from launch – including site structure and its mobile compatibility. Meanwhile, our insights team conducted a full technical audit and set up sales and traffic tracking through Google Analytics.  

Once the site was launched, product and category pages were methodically optimised with content researched by the organic search team and written by content experts. This focused on their exclusive products and most popular trends. 

The paid media team worked to ensure Shopping feeds followed best practices from launch including product titles, descriptions and imagery. For Google and Bing Ads, this was a case of implementing our best practice format.  

Best-selling brands and products were then separated into individual campaigns to ensure maximum visibility and optimisation for increased revenue. 

What were the results? 

Following the launch of their new specialised site, WoW saw a 302% YoY increase in wallpaper sales 

Organic visibility increased quickly – from a standing start, the website now has over 340 keywords ranking on Page 1.  

In the metallic and glitter wallpaper category, one of the biggest current trends, World of Wallpaper has a larger share of the market than Amazon or eBay.  

Revenue from PPC activity increased by 103% YoY. They’ve seen a Pure Brand ROAS of 90 with 1p Mobile CPC’s as well as 158% YoY increase in Pure Brand revenue. 

A hallway in a home with yellow floral wallpaper and a dark wood table

What our expert said

Working closely with the client we were able to optimise Paid and SEO efforts to ensure World of Wallpaper remained visible during the period of transition to a new site. The new launch was a great success and the retailer has seen excellent growth ever since.

Carl Brooks, Head of SEO

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