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Nailing content strategy with Virgin Management

  • 230k+ Video views
  • 1.9M Combined impressions
  • 100% Positive engagement

What were Virgin Management’s main business goals?

Virgin Management’s editorial brand team were already publishing great quality content, but they wanted to make sure their content production was reaching its full potential in positively influencing brand perception and reaching target audiences.

We provided advisory services for their Spotlight content campaigns to help improve their paid social and content distribution process, strategy and management and guide them in reporting campaign results.

How did Red Hot Penny help Virgin achieve success?

We restructured Virgin Management’s paid social content process for these campaigns, introducing clear KPIs to determine success criteria. Next, we delivered monthly discovery workshops for each campaign, helping the team to understand and define the purpose of their content, build priority audiences and set the best distribution channels for the required results.

A new content campaign framework, bespoke editorial calendar and distribution strategy were created for Virgin Management to follow. We then worked alongside their team to plan, run and optimise their paid social strategy, providing support and guidance to enhance the ongoing strategy and assess whether the content being produced was meeting the desired goals.

Introducing a reporting cycle helped Virgin Management capture those all-important results, and feed them back into the overall process to shape future campaigns. By resetting the campaign process and providing strategic oversight, alongside paid social support, we’ve helped Virgin Management to increase content engagement amongst their key audience groups and boost positive interactions with the brand.

What were the results?

 Virgin Management’s campaign received 100% positive engagement. This came from getting the messaging right and putting the content in front of the right audience.

The campaign was seen by 1.9-million people across Virgin Management’s social channels and gained over 230K video views.

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What our expert said

It’s been great to see the results of our advisory work with Virgin Management’s team. By understanding their current challenges and restructuring their paid outreach process for campaigns, we’ve been able to dramatically increase overall campaign engagements and reach a whole new, younger audience demographic. Our repeatable process has also helped streamline on-going campaign social planning for Virgin Management, making it simpler to coordinate this across their internal teams in future.

Libby Richfield, Head of Content

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