Case Study

Virgin Care Private dominate the January wellness trend with great content

  • 2,500+ Social engagements
  • 4K Page views
  • 42.5K Users reached on Facebook

Virgin Care Private were perfectly positioned to get involved in the conversation around health and wellness that’s so popular each January. But how did they rise above the noise to make theirs the content people were clicking on?

What were the main business goals?

With their first clinic opening in Birmingham, Virgin Care Private needed to build a new customer base and spread word of their expertise – in particular in their emotional wellbeing expertise. They needed Red Hot Penny to produce a content strategy that would create buzz around the new brand throughout the month of January and reach customers in the Birmingham area.

How did Red Hot Penny help Virgin Care Private achieve success?

January is known to fuel conversation around New Year’s resolutions, and in turn places a stronger focus on health and wellbeing. This presented a great opportunity to publish a ‘Wellness Guide’ content hub compiling helpful content and advice articles from Virgin Care Private’s expert medical team that would meet this peak in interest.

We didn’t want generic content that would get lost amongst the saturated topic. So, we used search trend data to identify the niches where Virgin Care Private could contribute and used this to inform the focus of each piece of content – the main theme being emotional wellbeing.

Because Virgin Care Private also needed to establish an audience, we reached out to 3 health and wellness bloggers who were relevant to the Birmingham target audience, to collaborate on content that would sit in the hub alongside the medical professionals’.

Natalie Glaze, Claire Wainwright and Nicola Jane Hobbs each provided content based on self-care. As well as providing articles to feature in the Wellness Guide on campaign hub, they wrote supporting blogs for their own websites with a backlink to the Wellness Guide.

The Wellness Guide was launched via a paid Facebook campaign, and targeted key audiences on Facebook to drive traffic back to the articles on site. We also used geo-targeting to reach people close to Virgin Care Private’s Birmingham clinic to increase relevancy.

What were the results?

Through the paid social campaign, over 45K users in the Birmingham area were reached with the Wellness Guide content. And the posts received more than 2,500 engagements including shares of the hub and individual articles, helping to get the content seen by even more people.

Within a 6-week period, the Wellness Guide received 4,000 page views and time on page was 89% longer than the rest of the site, showing users were reading and engaging with it.

Since launching the content hub, which had a strong focus on emotional wellbeing, Virgin Care Private’s emotional wellbeing services went on to become the top performing campaigns across all paid and organic channels, across lead generation metrics.

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What the expert said

Virgin Care Private needed help to launch a new business from the ground up, opening their first clinic in Birmingham. Through carefully tailored geo-targeting campaigns specific to Birmingham across both Paid Search and Social we were able to get the message out and people through the doors. Following initial launch we took performance to the next level, collaborating with Virgin's clinic practitioners to understand their specialist areas and apply their insights to further increase awareness and provide more enquiries.

Andrew Boreham, Paid Media Manager

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