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Building brand awareness with UNCLE

  • 1.2M Social impressions
  • 65M+ Campaign reach
  • 9,000+ Social engagements

Promoting brand awareness for new landlord UNCLE would always be controversial in the current housing climate. So, how did this unique landlord make their mark and achieve a campaign reach in the millions?  

What were the main business goals for UNCLE?  

UNCLE is a landlord with a difference. They wanted to challenge the negative perceptions of current landlords and target younger creative renters who want designer style and top quality at the right price, all with great customer service. UNCLE wanted to create brand awareness for their unique values and position themselves as the market leader with a difference.  

How did Red Hot Penny help UNCLE achieve success?   

We knew promoting a rental brand aimed at young creatives meant careful planning. Getting the brand in front of the right audience, in the right place, was key to the success of the campaign.  

So, Red Hot Penny created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for UNCLE with the target audience focused on students and young creative professionals. We provided the first month’s posts for each channel, wrote bios, sourced imagery, and made all business accounts to ensure UNCLE was social media ready.  

Our paid media and content services then teamed up to create an amazing competition for the chance to win a year’s free rent in London. We used the hashtag #GotYourBack to run across the social channels. 

The competition was set up asking for creative ideas in return for the chance to win. We created a landing page then managed the social campaign to build awareness, drive traffic to site, and get more entries. 

We also set up UNCLE’s launch campaign, outreached to Universities across the country, and secured PR coverage across a range of relevant publications, including Business Insider and London Evening Standard.  

What were the results of our social campaign? 

UNCLE’s competition was a complete success and reached 429,599 users and had over 1.2 million impressions. There were 9,297 social engagements across Facebook and Instagram as a direct result of boosted posts: 4,520 post reactions, 79 post comments, 25 post shares, 4,673 link clicks, and 69 page likes. 

Our content team helped build brand trust amongst the target audience through outreach, securing coverage in Business Insider, London Evening Standard, Sunday Mirror – Notebook, Money Saving Expert, Young Creative Council, Gizmodo, and advertorials in Shortlist, Mr Hyde, and The Dots. 

Overall, the organic coverage reach of both publication readership and UNCLE’s social following was 65,100,218 impressions. 

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UNCLE Brand Awareness Social Media and PR Case Study

what our expert said

Launching a new brand meant all our Social and PR outreach efforts needed to clearly communicate UNCLE’s values and message. We targeted key audiences and publications to successfully reach the right people and get the brand name out there.

Louise Ralphson, Paid Media Manager

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