Case Study

Raising Swivel Secure’s profile in the cybersecurity space

  • 450K+ impressions
  • 21K+ video views
  • 33% increase in time on page

Swivel Secure provide multi-factor authentication solutions for B2B and B2G audiences. How did they raise brand awareness among the right people and cement their position as industry leaders?

What were the main business goals?

Swivel Secure wanted to increase brand awareness at the top of the sales funnel with high-quality content.

They also wanted to raise their profile as industry leaders by sharing their expertise with the right people.

How did Red Hot Penny help Swivel Secure achieve success?

Working closely with Swivel Secure’s in-house team and technical professionals, we devised a strategic content plan to target key industries including decision-making audiences in the Healthcare, Government and Manufacturing sectors.

We produced and launched quarterly content hubs featuring video, infographics and long-form articles to bring in target audiences and provide helpful information in a way which appeals to the C-suite.

Each piece of content we produced was carefully researched because the industry Swivel Secure operate in is highly technical, as are the industries they target.  We also put a strong focus on making technical details clear and understandable.

Our in-house outreach team used paid LinkedIn campaigns to make sure Swivel Secure’s content was promoted in front of the right people across the different industries. Working with Swivel Secure to gain insights in specific job functions and titles allowed us to build unique audience lists. Where possible, we were also able to source and upload matched lists to target the people who would benefit most from the content.

What were the results?

Overall, Swivel Secure saw an increase in their brand awareness among their key audiences along with increased credibility as industry leaders.

The pages in these three hubs saw a total of 226K impressions, over 21K video views and resulted in a 33% increase in the time spent on the campaign content, compared to the rest of the site.

We continue to work with Swivel Secure to produce high-quality content and maintain their position at the forefront of multi-factor authentication solutions.

What our expert said

Taking the time to really understand Swivel Secure’s product and the individual challenges of their customers meant we could create completely tailored and relevant content. Working in quarterly cycles, each with a specific audience focus, allowed us to address the needs of each sector and use paid social to get this targeted content directly in front of the right audience.

Libby Richfield, Head of Content


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