Case Study

Providing multi-service success for SEKO Global Logistics

  • 163% Increase in organic visability
  • 139% YOY uplift in impressions
  • 78% Increase in MQL's worldwide

SEKO specialise in global Supply Chain Solutions, logistics delivery services, freight forwarding & retail distribution with integrated IT Solutions.

What were the main business goals?

Over the course of 6 years of working with SEKO Global Logistics, the key goals of each solution have been constantly shifting to adapt to the client’s needs. Through the last year, the logistics industry has faced enormous challenges in enduring what has essentially been a perpetual peak season due the huge boom in e-commerce through COVID, amongst other factors.

We had to show agility and innovation to work towards goals of increasing organic and paid visibility, optimising the user experience, increasing and improving the content offering, and maximising reporting.

Logistics warehouse
SEKO works with the world’s top brands, SME retailers and etailers, to expand their Global presence for international outbound shipping and returns.

How did Red Hot Penny help SEKO achieve success?

As SEKO looked to expand their presence to different regions around the world and provide more clients with a reliable service in uncertain times, our approach to assist in this had to be multi-faceted:

  • USA Key Territory Focus (PPC)
  • Salesforce Integration (PPC)
  • UK Expansion (PPC & SEO)
  • Multi-market research to optimise UX (SEO)
  • Key Pillar campaigns (SEO & Content)
  • Rapid Response (Content)
  • Insightful thought leadership (Content)

Creating a unified approach across our services has shaped growth in all areas. To maximise website performance, we conducted substantial multi-market research to highlight what relevant users were searching for and how they were consuming it. This data allowed us to determine better user navigation which increased organic conversion, and paved the way for focused campaigns around SEKO’s key services – white glove, freight forwarding, and omni-channel logistics, gaining incremental performance.

These changes also positively influenced PPC traffic and leads with a better user experience. To hone our paid audience in crucial areas in the US we focused budget on key metro locations, where decision makers are more likely to be present. By aiming to appear at the top of search results more often for potentially high-revenue services in these areas, we attracted targeted traffic producing profitable inquiries.

Our PPC team also worked closely with SEKO’s sales team to integrate with Salesforce. This integration meant forms for lead generation were only considered a true lead once identified by the sales team – this allowed for confident optimisation decisions as wastage was considerably reduced.

The content offering expanded considerably post-COVID, with more emphasis placed on a rapid response to global supply chain events. Consistent onsite output, married with proactive PR campaigns from another agency partner, has seen SEKO cement itself as a go-to thought leader in the logistics industry.

As SEKO continues to expand its global presence, we have provided support to its UK and Australia teams using similar tactics. This approach is already beginning to reap rewards, with a considerable growth in PPC leads on top of an establish organic search presence.

What were the results?

  • Organic visibility up 163% YoY
  • Organic traffic up 12% YoY
  • 41% increase in qualified organic leads
  • 139% YoY uplift in impressions
  • CTR up 222% following location and high-value keyword focus
  • 78% increase in marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) worldwide YoY
  • MQLs as a proportion of overall contact form entries improving from 53% to 75% post-Salesforce integration, reducing waste spend

What our client said

“Red Hot Penny have helped drive much of our successful performance marketing results. Their team have been instrumental in increasing qualified sales leads of the right target audience of shippers looking for our solutions with a combined approach and leadership of their experts in search engine optimization, paid media and targeted content. Although we refer to them casually as ‘RHP’, they’ve also become synonymous with ‘ROI’.”, Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer

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