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Helping SanDisk and Western Digital grow their network of channel partners

  • >5000 Product pages monitored
  • >100 Resellers
  • 9 Languages managed


When flash storage solution providers SanDisk and Western Digital connected with Red Hot Penny, they were keen to find a more effective way to manage their large network of resellers across EMEA. They needed to make sure rich assets and syndicated content were live and present on their reseller channels’ sites, because having syndicated content visible on an ecommerce site can help to improve conversion rates by 20% – worth investing the resources and making sure you’re getting it right. We worked with SanDisk and Western Digital to offer content syndication management.


Our content syndication management service was made up of 2 parts: part project management, part content audit. And then supporting the onboarding of new resellers for SanDisk and Western Digital to partner with.

Upload check: We performed regular cross-checks across thousands of product page to ensure syndicated content had been uploaded and was now live, that it was correct, and that all product specs were accounted for.

Project management: Our job was to make SanDisk and Western Digital’s jobs easier by managing projects to ensure content audit data was updated and reported back to the client.

Sourcing new opportunities: We built strong relationships with SanDisk and Western Digital’s syndication partners (Flix Media and CNET) – together, we continue to build growing relationships with newly onboarded resellers.


Syndicated content in multiple languages: Syndicated content was uploaded to SanDisk’s content syndication programme and automatically translated into 9 languages.

Managing content across the channel: Syndicated content was managed across more than 100 channel resellers, and we continue to seek out new opportunities to expand SanDisk’s content syndication program to other resellers.

Thousands of pages checked, and checked again: Over 5000 product pages were monitored to ensure syndicated content was live, present and all accounted for.

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What our expert said

SanDisk and Western Digital’s syndicated content added a lot of value to their channel partner marketing tactics. Correctly displaying this copy across relevant product pages would be paramount for amplifying content and maximising revenue potential. We’ve been working with SanDisk and Western Digital on their content syndication program for many years now, and continue to work together to grow their channel partner relationships and boost awareness and conversions.


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