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Delivering online growth to Price Right Home

  • 185% Increase in PPC transactions YoY
  • 61.5% Increase in organic revenue YoY
  • 365% Increase in Shopping revenue YoY

With a need to grow Price Right Home’s online business, how did this relatively unknown brand carve their space in a highly competitive market that featured the likes of Argos, Disney and John Lewis? 

What were the main business goals for Price Right Home? 

Price Right Home’s key aim was to increase top-level revenue. They knew they had to expand the existing marketing strategy, primarily based on Google Shopping and organic search, and use more strategic marketing services to do it.   

Price Right Home also wanted to become the market leader and grow their brand across all channels in one of the key product categories: toddler beds. No small task when you consider Price Right Home are competing with some big players.  

How did Red Hot Penny help Price Right Home achieve success?  

With Red Hot Penny’s expertise, Price Right Home built new touchpoints for potential customers to engage with throughout the purchase funnel. This included adding Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to support the existing Google Shopping and organic search strategy. 

Red Hot Penny advised Price Right Home to run Amazon Shopping activity with open budgets, with ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) targets of 10 and 8 for the UK and the US, respectively. 

During their campaign we focused on promoting exclusive products that wouldn’t compete with larger sellers to help maximise revenues. 

What were the results? 

The expansion into paid Amazon advertising (using the AMS platform) has proved effective in increasing top-line revenue and expanding the Price Right Home brand. 

Paid Amazon sales in the UK have been running at an ROAS of 12.9 (against a target of 10), which has helped reverse the decline Price Right Home had been seeing in YoY Amazon sales since launch in June 2017 and has contributed to a 93% increase in top level revenues.  

Moving into paid Amazon has also allowed Price Right Home to increase brand awareness in key product groups like toddler beds, where they’ve seen a 71% increase in YoY sales, and it’s opened the brand to users they may not have been talking to through other channels. 

Paid Amazon sales in the US have also beat targets since launch in October. This was the first form of paid advertising Price Right Home had done outside the UK, and they could do it thanks to the increased income in the UK. This means they’re now growing the Price Right Home brand globally. 

Price Right Home are proud to have achieved this as a family-run brand in a space dominated by large brands like Tesco, Disney, Argos and Amazon. 

Here at Red Hot Penny, we’ve also been recognised on a wider scale, with the award for Best Integrated Campaign at the 2018 UK Biddable Media Awards 

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What our expert said

A combination of paid and organic search services not only helped to drive more conversions and revenue for Price Right Home, but it also helped to generate brand awareness for the growing retailer as searchers saw multiple ads and links appearing in results. We continue to produce creative content that is in keeping with the friendly, familial tone of the brand to help make a consumer’s buying journey easier

Dan Coleman, Digital Marketing Director

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