Case Study

PEP&CO reach their audience with paid social targeting

  • 1.4m impressions
  • 500+ page likes in 10 weeks
  • 100% positive engagement

PEP&CO offer value clothing ranges for all ages and is available in Poundland stores around the UK and Republic of Ireland. With the launch of their Back to School collection, how did they make sure they would reach the right audience online and drive footfall to their bricks and mortar stores? 

What were the main business goals? 

Launching a brand-new clothing collection meant PEP&CO were keen to build brand awareness. And despite being a non-ecommerce retailer, were keen to leverage online marketing activity with a paid social campaign to target specific audiences who would be interested in their value range. 

They also wanted to limit any negative reactions and feedback which can be challenge for any brand 

How did Red Hot Penny help PEP&CO achieve success?   

Working with a relatively small media budget, we planned a paid social strategy to spread the word on PEP&CO’s new Back to School range. We started by setting up tailored audiences according to demographicsincluding parents with children of school age, interest in similar value brands and proximity to a PEP&CO store.  

Next, we took a phased approach to running PEP&CO’s ads on Facebook over the summer holidays. Starting with Scotland and Republic of Ireland where PEP&CO had less visibility, we launched visually appealing carousel and video adverts to attract the target audience and used budget optimisation to focus on the best performing creative. 

 By starting with these locations, we were able to gain valuable data and customer feedback before rolling out the ads in England and Wales where more of the budget was focused.  

What were the results of the paid social campaign? 

With a limited budget, PEP&CO’s social ads gathered 1.4m impressions. This was thanks to the tailored targeting and budget optimisation along with strong creative which meant users commented and tagged friendsimproving the reach of the ads.  

 Despite concerns over possible negative engagement, tailored audience targeting and creative helped generate positive comments and the campaign had a 100% positive engagement rate. 

 In total, PEP&CO saw more than 18,000 social engagements – this included 500+ page likes over a short period of time, as well as over 1,000 link clicks. 

School kid throwing pencils in the air

What our client said

Red Hot Penny took the pressure off our busy team during our biggest campaign of the year, setting-up, running, monitoring and analysing the social ads seamlessly. They’re a great bunch to work with and we got fantastic results from our budgets, which as a value retailer is always our top priority.

Nina Thompson, Digital Marketing Manager at PEP&CO

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