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Driving Amazon conversions with Lowepro’s local customers

  • 150+ Amazon A+ pages created
  • 600+ Translations produced
  • 1x New UK website

Building a UK websiteimproving over 150 product line descriptions and coordinating hundreds of product descriptions into different languages presented a challenge. But, how did Lowepro overcome this to succeed in speaking the language of their European consumers?   

What were the main business goals for Lowepro? 

Camera bag retailer Lowepro were looking to grow their UK brand presence with the launch of a new UK site and by improving their Amazon product content for over 150 product lines. Lowepro also needed to translate over 600 pieces of their content into Spanish, Italian, French and German for localised markets.  

How did Red Hot Penny help Lowepro achieve success?   

We pulled together our content team and the Lowepro team to develop and strategise a full-blown content localisation project. We wanted to produce a different way of thinking about Lowepro’s existing copy to repurpose it for their new Amazon A+ content.  

We knew A+ content could help to increase sales through the third-party channel. So, we wrote content especially for this channel to increase conversion rates. We devised the perfect page layout and selected the images that helped best display the quality of each of their ranges.  

The Red Hot Penny content team then worked with native translators to translate the new copy into Spanish, Italian, French and German to support growth in these markets and to make the content speak directly to each person reading it. 

The team also helped to upload content to Lowepro’s CMS, including selecting scrolling homepage images to display in-line with UK-specific promotions.  

What were the results of our ecommerce content project? 

The results were clear: A+ content helped unify Lowepro’s Amazon channel. This optimised content helped drive sales and conversions directly through the third-party channel. 

Lowepro successfully integrated 3 new localised UK, French and German sites into their greater marketing mix. Because of translations into Spanish, Italian, French and German, the product descriptions on Amazon received a boost.  

Potential shoppers with buying intent were given the key information needed at the point of consideration, and on the marketing channel of their choice, taking them from browser to buyer on the third-party channel. 

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What our expert said

By creating unique Amazon A+ descriptions that answer buyers’ questions at the moment of conversion, we’ve been able to give Lowepro a great competitive advantage on this platform. Translating the new copy into the 4 key locales ensured consistency for the brand across all their major European markets and increased the conversion potential of their Amazon offering.

Libby Richfield, Head of Content

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