Case Study

The Iver Make-up Academy reach their niche audience with content

  • 74% Increase in sessions
  • 41% Increase in enquiries
  • 34K Social reach

The Iver Make-up Academy specialises in training students for work within the TV, film and theatre industries. But with so much interest in hair and make-up online, how did the academy rise above more general searches to reach their niche audience?

What were the main business goals?

The Iver Make-up Academy had plenty of visitors to their website, but it wasn’t quite the right audience. Rather than prospective students with a unique interest in advanced make-up techniques and practices looking to invest in their career, the traffic was made up of more general beauty-enthusiasts.

As a result, enquiries were lower than they would’ve liked.

They wanted to reach a more relevant audience by improving organic visibility for the right searches and target key audiences on social media.

How did Red Hot Penny help The Iver Make-up Academy achieve success?

We planned and produced a 6-month content strategy to improve The Iver Make-up Academy’s search visibility, raise their overall brand profile and engage their target audience on social media.

Firstly, we used search term calendars to track trends in relevant topics over the last 4 years. Based on the data gathered, we produced a content calendar outlining the pieces of written content we would create.

All the tutors at The Iver Make-up Academy are working make-up artists. Our content team worked directly with them to include a level of technical detail and insight in each written piece that would appeal to the target audience.

Our paid media team then designed and optimised social ads to boost the content on Facebook. Specific audiences were built to tap into the Academy’s niche and make sure we weren’t targeting people with a general interest in make-up.

What were the results?

Over the period of the content strategy, The Iver Make-up Academy saw a 74% increase in the number of sessions onsite acquired through organic search.

There was also a 41% increase in enquiries from this channel, as a result of reaching a more relevant and engaged audience.

On Facebook, the content reached over 34K people. And they were engaging positively – the best performing post had more than 19K impressions and over 500 reactions.

The Iver Make-up Academy also gained a link to site with their unique content from an industry-title, Warpaint Magazine, which has a reach of 100,000 people.

Following this campaign, The Iver Make-up Academy saw a noticeable difference in the enquiries made onsite and content marketing continues to be an important part of their search strategy.

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What our expert said

By taking a strategic approach to The Iver Make-Up Academy's content, informed by relevant search trends, we've been able to dramatically improve the quality of traffic to their site, engagement levels on social and their overall conversion rate.

Libby Richfield, Head of Content

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