Case Study

Driving social acquisition during lockdown for The Iver Make-Up Academy

  • £0.07 CPC (Cost per click)
  • 2.23% CTR (Click through rate)
  • 100% Courses sold out

What were the main business goals?

When the UK was hit by COVID-19 in March last year, this affected many independent educational establishments – who rely on running offline courses and open days to attract potential students. As Iver adapted to the change, our social team were challenged with the increasing importance of raising brand awareness online, acquiring sign-ups for virtual open days, and generating a pipeline of potential candidates for future courses.

The online landscape, which previously was supplementary to offline activity, had to become a primary driver of sign-ups. Find out how our social team approached the challenge…

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How did Red Hot Penny help Iver Academy achieve success?

Although we already had a good understanding of how to reach potential students, our focus now shifted to acquisition of potential students. It was important for us to understand the best way to reach the right people, so we ran numerous split tests across targeting and creative, building upon our learnings with each campaign.

The first area we focused on was audience optimisation. A concern for Iver was that many people who expressed interest were not serious about signing up. This was particularly an issue at face-face open days, where many people attended to look around Pinewood Studios.

‘When we looked at the audience profiles, it became clear that they were too broad for an acquisition focused campaign. By refining targeting to include only people who had both specific interests that were closely aligned with Iver Academy and had engaged with niche make-up schools – we were able to drive an increasing number of sign-ups to fill up all of Iver’s upcoming courses.’ – Gabriella Main, Senior Social Media Executive

The second area we focused on was creative testing. We had to ensure that we were present at every online touchpoint, with an eye-catching creative to reflect the amazing work that Iver do. After testing numerous images and videos on different social media platforms, we gained a good understanding of what resonates with the target audience. This led to both a higher click-through and conversion rate.

The final area we focused on was optimising the virtual event sign-up experience. We ensured we had a full view of the sign-up process by combining the use of Facebook and Eventbrite analytics. We had an insight into the sign-up process and where people were dropping off. We provided Eventbrite landing page content advice, as well as making the audience journey from viewing the advert to signing up as seamless as possible.

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What were the results?

  • High number of course sign-ups, supporting in filling up the places on upcoming courses.
  • Building brand awareness, leading to a high level of course enquiries.
  • While the number of overall attendees is lower than their previous face to face open days, Iver report that the quality of these attendees has improved with students who are more likely to gain a place on their courses. They are now considering continuing the virtual approach to open days even when COVID restrictions lift.
  • From the first campaign to the most recent, CPC has dropped from £0.28 to £0.07 and CTR has increased from 0.65% to 2.37% as we have refined our approach while ensuring we are still reaching the most relevant potential students.
The Iver Make-up Academy case study catalog

What our client said

We were extremely happy with our turn out on Open day and I am very busy this week with interviews and place offers. It was a huge success. Thank you., Elizabeth Tagg-Wooster, Principal at Iver Make Up Academy.

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