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Red7 news jack Royal Wedding coverage to boost search visibility

  • 20 backlinks to site
  • 71  Average domain rating
  • 59,000+ Social reach

The start of 2018 saw a lot of conversation around Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle and presented a rare chance for Red7 to gain brand exposure from mass media. So how did they make sure their content would be seen, heard and linked to above everyone else’s? 

What were the main business goals?

Red7 needed an off-page content campaign that would help improve their SEO performance by getting backlinks from relevant sites with a high domain authority.  

How did Red Hot Penny help Red 7 achieve success? 

We used the upcoming Royal Wedding as an opportunity to plan, produce and outreach three pieces of original content with a bridesmaid-focus. 

The hero piece of content was a bespoke infographic and accompanying article. We used ONS data to predict how many weddings, including the Royal Wedding, would happen in 2018. We crunched the numbers to uncover 15 exclusive wedding-related statistics, including unique Red7 data on hen party spending, and provided a quirky commentary on the Royal Wedding that only Red7 could add.  

To support the hero content, we created two secondary pieces of content; a list article pricing up the cost of A-list celeb’s hen dos – including Meghan Markle’s, and a blog using research from online forums to find the internet’s worst bridesmaids and tap into themes brides-to-be commonly search for. 

The next step was securing backlinks. We established criteria to make sure any links were highly relevant and of a good quality. This included research into publications’ readership and domain authority.  

The timing for this campaign was key for pick up. With just four months to go to the wedding, we contacted select journalists from wedding and women’s lifestyle publications with different angles on Red7’s story that would speak to their audience. And we also wrote unique content to suit publications’ guidelines where they needed our needed support.

What were the results?

All this gained 20 backlinks to the Red7 site and over 30 pieces of brand coverage in target titles. The average domain authority of the websites linking to Red7 was 71 and included publications like Metro, The Pool, Confetti, You and Your Wedding and an online-exclusive with Condé Nast Brides. 

The content also gained coverage offline and sparked conversation on social media where it had a reach of over 59,000 users.

Red7 Hen Do Creative Content and Outreach Case Study Feature

What our expert said

We were confident that by strategically combining unique data with a Royal Wedding focus we’d be able to generate traction with press. And we’ve been so pleased with the results. Our content and outreach efforts successfully boosted Red7’s brand awareness by generating coverage and back links in top tier target publications like Conde Nast Brides, The Metro, The Pool and Confetti.

Libby Richfield, Head of Content

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