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Red Hot Penny fine-tune Anderton’s ecommerce strategy

  • 10x Improvement in online turnover
  • 500% Increase in number of transactions
  • 185% Increase in site visits

In an ever-increasing digital market, how did musical instrument retailer Andertons Music Co. evolve from bricks-and-mortar store to increase their online turnover 10x and increase their transactions by an incredible 500% over 5 years? 

What were the main business goals for Andertons?  

With over 50-years of experience as a musical instrument retailer, Andertons Music Co. operates from its store in Guildford and from their online site. They’re experts in the music industry and have an in-depth knowledge of their products so they were already attracting famous musicians to their bricks-and-mortar store. But Andertons’ lack of e-commerce understanding meant their online growth wasn’t living up to their full potential. That’s when we got involved. 

How did Red Hot Penny help Andertons achieve success?   

We knew Andertons needed long-term consultancy to helptheir e-commerce development and online growth. We worked with the UK retailer on a consultancy basis to share our knowledge as an experienced search marketing agency. 

Working in partnership as a strategic digital partner, Red Hot Penny helped in the creation of Andertons’ technical website integration strategy. We made sure the brand reached the right customers, at the right time, with their ongoing search strategy. 

Our advisory team provided detailed user experience testing to ensure their website was user-friendly and engaging.  

We also provided an effective email marketing design to boost campaigns. A suitable email solution was found to allow Andertons in-house marketing team to implement their email marketing strategy. 

Red Hot Penny then assisted Andertons in recruiting an online marketing team. Using our expertise in the industry, we helped to find the best people for the job.  

What were the results? 

Since Red Hot Penny has been consulting with Andertons, their website has seen visits increase by 185% and over 5 years, the retailer received a 500% increase in the number of transactions which has significantly driven growth for the brand. 

Over a 7-year period, Andertons saw an improvement of online turnover by 10x making the online portion of the brand a great success that supports their well-established store. 

Does your brand need a unique e-commerce brand strategy to help your business grow? Get in contact with Red Hot Penny for a uniquely tailored e-commerce strategy to get you noticed online.

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What our expert said

Partnering with Andertons gave us the opportunity to help them in all aspects of their digital growth. Working to ensure Andertons had the right tools for online success, our consultancy has helped them pave the way with their digital strategy. It’s so great to see them excel online, in particular with their popular YouTube content.

Darren Bull, Managing Director

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