Aggression, Efficiency and Budgets (and technical issues)

On Tuesday 15th August I was lucky enough to be a speaker at Figaro Digital’s PPC and SEO summit at the Hospital Club in London. Now, The Hospital club is a swanky media-type’s hangout so makes for a great venue for this type of more intimate event and is usually good for celebrity spotting too, but there was no such luck this time around. Unless you count the guy who played the Dad in C4 sitcom Friday Night Dinner? No? OK.

Anyway, I’d attended a couple of the Figaro Digital events previously as a punter and had always enjoyed them so it was interesting to be on the other side of things this time around.

My presentation session was around running awesome PPC activity and my (possibly contentious) angle was that having a budget to run PPC by actually inhibits how effective PPC can be. Shock horror for most people that one! PPC is actually a delicate balancing act between aggression and efficiency, which is massively effected by having a budget in place. What I was proposing is that what brands should actually be looking at doing is putting performance measures (whatever they may be. CPA, CPL, ROI, ROAS or some other acronym) at the heart of their PPC activity, running PPC and then covering the spend afterwards. Just like we do with about 75% of our PPC clients.

Admittedly that sounds a bit scary as people think you’re just asking for an unlimited budget which you will end up blowing, but if you have an agreed measure in place (essentially a price you’re willing to pay for business) why wouldn’t you want as much business as you could get at the agreed price you want to pay? Seems much easier when you think of it like that I reckon.

You can take a look at my entire presentation here which will be 11 minutes of your life well spent. See if you can spot the points when we had technical issues and the laptop stopped working too, which have been edited out. It’s almost seamless. Almost.

There were quite a few questions asked after my presentation too so I was really glad I had Ben, our Head of PPC in the audience to field anything that was too technical for my brain (which was pretty much every question). I’ll be sure to brush up on the deeper elements of PPC when it comes to future events that Ben won’t be at to back me up.

All in all a great event and we’ve kicked off some very interesting conversations with some of the attendees off the back of it about how we can help them with their PPC and other digital marketing activities.

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