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Emily Ridley

Head of Insights

What do I do?

As the Head of Insights, I spend most of my time glued to a screen drilling down into clients’ data; ensuring clients have identified and measured the right data using a data driven decision making (3DM) approach to inform business decisions and enhance performance. Working with internal teams, I provide insights to help fuel our clients’ strategies for the different markets aiming to achieve their business objective. When away from my multiple screens, either I am training clients on how they can get the most of Google Analytics for the needs of their business or on an adventure in sub-zero conditions.

How can you contact me?

Drop me an email

What am I listening to?

What am I reading?

The Sagas of the Icelanders (Word of the Sagas)  – by Jane Smiley
Hillstrom’s Fix it! – by Kevin Hillstrom
Travel brochures, blogs and tourist information sites:
An assortment of analytical and market trends blogs
Cookbook: ScandiKitchen: Fika and Hygge – by Bronte Aurell

What have I written?

Some of my handpicked articles:

How Google Universal Analytics Can Help You Track More

Reclaim Your Monday – Data Studio Dashboards

Google’s Micro Moments: A New Approach To Marketing

Google Analytics: Not Flashy, Just Vitally Important

Attribution: The Key for Unlocking Ecommerce Growth

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