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Who you’ll find at Red Hot Penny

Imagine a team that’s driven by growth, that’s fun and creative, and that’s experienced and generous with sharing the knowledge that comes with that experience. We know, we sound too good to be true. And as a team, we do really great work. We’re very proud of the long-term partnerships we’ve built over the years with our existing clients. Don’t take our word for it - check out our client case study pages.

Darren Bull

Managing Director

David Schulhof

Sales and Marketing Director

Dan Coleman

Digital Marketing Director

Jodie Wheeler

Client Account Director

Russ Powell

Head of Marketing

Ben Lipscombe

Head of Biddable Media

Carl Brooks

Head of Organic Search

Libby Richfield

Head of Content

Lisa Humphries

Office Manager

Andy Rich

Organic Search Executive

Emily Ridley

Insights Manager

Alice Phillips

PR Account Manager

Louise Ralphson

Social Media Executive

Laura Mason

Digital Content Executive

Andy Boreham

Biddable Media Executive

Maddie Rossmaur

Digital Content Executive

Jodie Mitchell

Organic Search Executive

Emma Donnelly

Digital Content Executive

Rob Browning

Systems Consultant

Ayesha Kirsopp

Biddable Media Executive

Jack Prouse

Digital Content Executive


Dogital Executive

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